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Madhav S. Phadke


President, Phadke Associates, Inc.


Dr. Madhav S. Phadke ([email protected]) is an engineer and a statistician who founded Phadke Associates, Inc., a leading software and services company for design and test optimization, and systems engineering process improvement. Phadke Associates develops and markets the rdExpert™ family of software tools for optimizing product designs for reliability and cost, optimizing test plans, and evaluating effectiveness of test plans. To explore the rdExpert™ family of tools, or to read more articles, please visit

Dr. Phadke is an ASQ Fellow and a recipient of the 2011 IEEE Region 1 Award. He is the author of the first engineering textbook on Robust Design Methods in the US titled “Quality Engineering Using Robust Design”. The book is considered the most authoritative book on Robust Design and has been translated in to three languages, German, Chinese, and Korean. The book has been used as a textbook at several leading universities and several Fortune 100 companies.

He holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and MS in Statistics from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, MS in Mechanical and Aerospace Sciences from the University of Rochester, and a BTech in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology – Mumbai. Prior to founding Phadke Associates, Dr. Phadke was a manager in AT&T Bell Labs, a Visiting Scientist at the IBM Watson Research Center, and a Research Associate at the Mathematics Research Center and Statistics Department of the University of Wisconsin – Madison.