• Sam
    It would make it easier to suggest the best approach if you are more precise in which area of Service or which process you are looking to measure.  In Service Delivery, DLW is correct waste mostly occurs between processes including all of those things mentioned below and more.  If however you are looking at Call Centres then I would say t…[Read more]

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    I totally agree Chris, however our customer requires a written test so prior to writing one I was wondering if one already existed.  Thank you for your thoughts, m

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    Does anyone know of an order picking/selecting written test prior to hire?  Where can I get a copy?

  • Peppe, I would very much appreciate it if you are able to put me in contact with someone in the UK.
    My email address is [email protected]

  • Peppe, we are a not for profit organisation dealing with Financial Services firms and their customers but I am interested in seeing how the principles are applied in any field…Maria

  • Hi
    You would need to do repeats of each run, and calculate the % success ( or fail ). Then you will have a continious response.
    You could also try to set up a full factorial ( several levels at your X’s) and analyze the data via binary regression.
    Depends on how many factors you have, how much money you can spend etc etc.

  • AJ,
    This project is a perfect candidate por soft savings, because it is no head count or overhead reduction, it is efficiency improvment.
    The baseline should be calculated based on the actual labor and overhead cost,  no material cost should be involved, the cost for labor and overhead of every additional piece produced as your project r[Read more]

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    Hej Linda
    Tyvärr har de ingen hemsida eftersom det är ett mycket informellt nätverk.
    Mitt bästa tips är att kontakta något av företagen direkt och fråga vem som arbetar med 6-Sigma där.
    MVH Maria

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    Hej Linda
    There are several companies with GB/BB activities. There is even a small Swedish 6-Sigma prationers network, consisting of Volvo Cars, SKF, Alfa Laval and Ericsson Microwave. And then many Swedish sites of American companies apply 6-Sigma, like Lear, JCI and more.
    Best regards Maria

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    No, you cannot be sure that you have draw the right conclusion, as your betarisk is very high, the risk of saying there is no difference although there really is one.
    I propose that you, instead of waitning until you have enought data, try to find the rootcause for the defects and make a pareto and work on trying to reduce the major reasons…[Read more]

  • JD:
    Thank you for this information.  I just proposed to my organization that the minimum of a Greenbelt to be 8 hours per week (20%) with a maximum of 50% once the organization can see some completed projects and the savings/results and will in turn be more apt to commit more rescources.

  • If you could live with Swedish speaking teachers ( Swedish and Norwegian are rather similar ) there are several consultants who can do training.  Like Celerant, SBTI, Sandholms to mention a few, some of them might also have Norwegian speaking trainers so give them a try.,
    Also Dag Kroslid who written Six Sigma The pragmatic approcach wich Bo…[Read more]

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    The way $ DT is calculated depend on the cost system the company is using, if the company is using standard cost system the cost per hour or per piece could be calculated based on the operation expenses depending on the driver (machine or labor). What cost system is using yor company? definitely the cost per hour/piece should be provided by your…[Read more]

  • Hi Thomas,
    you could make 3 blocks, each one for the factor that involve temperature changes. Then in each block you can fix a temperature, so, in the experiment, you will do only 3 times this change. In this way the experiment will not be completely randomized, but you can “catch” the error come from the differents blocks.

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    thank you very much for your answer, It will be very important for my thesis.
    I think you are very expert about six sigma so I can tell you another question:
    What are some of the ways that six sigma metrics can be effectively displayed to upper management and in the organization reporting?
    thank you for helping me!!!maria!

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    My suggestion would be for you to look at the process inputs that affect operator performance such as training and competency validations; failsafe methods to reduce operator error such as overylay templates for hardware installation, forming plates to prevent forming parts backwards, special tooling, fixtures,  etc.  Setup sheets and a…[Read more]

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    You’ll get a negative Sigma when your DPMO is exceeding 500 000 or when your yield is less than 50%.That is when more that 50% of the area under your process normal cure is outside of spec. Just math.
     That’s not uncommon in bad processes.

  • Hello Brian
    To follow the 6-Sigma principle you should check with the managers what they consider to be their biggest problems or issues in this area.
    Potential areas
    Lack of rawmaterial due to insufficient order process, might cause delayed production, might cause delayed deliveries/or costly overproduction.
    Finished goods storage, how…[Read more]