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  • A few thoughts…

    Mike Carnell wrote: Some where along the line there was the quote “You cannot improve a process that is not in control.”

    I agree with Mike that you can’t sit and do nothing. You can improve the process by working to eliminate the causes of the out-of-control points!

    I also agree that Robert Butler is on the right track… Whe…[Read more]

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  • If you’re going to cite and reference the five principles of “Lean Thinking” (the book by Womack and Jones), it’s probably best to stick to what they taught instead of adding this supposed sixth step. “Replicate” […]

  • What does “they set a target of 10 minutes for cases to start on time” mean?

    Does that mean a case would start, on average, 10 minutes late??

  • The rigor you speak of *can* be achieved without the Six Sigma framework. I’ve seen many organizations use the PDSA (Plan Do Study Act) model of iterative, scientific improvement. I’ve worked with former Toyota […]

  • @garyacone Why the comment on Jack Welch? Don’t you think it’s true that CEOs followed his lead and/or copied him? That wasn’t meant as any commentary on Jack or Six Sigma. Plenty of CEOs have copied Toyota (although their CEOs never have the public persona that somebody like Jack did).

    I talk about Lean because I’m not Six Sigma trained…[Read more]

  • Back to the main topic, I just finished doing a Q&A session via Skype with a class in a healthcare masters program out east. There were a lot of questions about:

    – How do we sell the CEO on Lean?
    – How do we convince the CEO and senior leaders to do _______?
    – How do we get the CEO to do _________?

    Where fill in the blank is different Lean…[Read more]

  • @iSixSigma – how do I point an @ reply at a user with a space in their name??

    To Gary – I agree there are lots of problems (values, etc.) with Goldman and others. But the question was framed as “how do we sell people on quality?” not “how to we sell people on not being greedy psychopathic douchebags?”

    The studies that show a higher…[Read more]

  • @Gary Cone — if quality is defined by the customer and the customer is getting systematically screwed (some would say), I would call that poor quality. That’s just as bad as a car company knowing shipping junk to dealers. 10 years, 8 months ago

  • @MBBinWI — great points. I cringe more at the idea of selling quality for short-term ROI vs. long-term financial success of the business.

    That short-term / long-term difference is very clear in the hubbub about Goldman Sachs that was in the news…[Read more]

  • @Gary — I agree that there’s more to Ari’s genius and approach than Lean. My blog is about Lean, so that’s what I focused on…

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    If the goal is “implement 5s”, that is a huge mistake. First ask “Why 5S?” What are the goals that are more important, for customers or staff? Also, think about whether 5S as an isolated tool is really going to be that helpful or if you should be implementing a broad set of lean tools, methods, and management practices.