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  • Great discussions.

    I’ve used a quote for years: “Nothing convinces people like convinced people.” I’m not sure where I heard it, and I’m almost positive I didn’t come up with it. :)

    As an aside, I searched Google for it and see it listed in the March/April 2005 issue of iSixSigma Magazine: “Because nothing convinces people like convinced…[Read more]

  • @Mark-Graban On Jack Welch, yes many tried to follow his lead and many GE folks rose above their station at their next job because many CEO’s thought they could be the next Jack Welch just by doing Six Sigma. They missed all of the stuff that had been done for the preceding 15 years. GE defectors also never saw the early stuff (half life of a GE…[Read more]

  • @Mark-Graban Selling Lean is the same as selling Six Sigma. You have to get the attention of the folks who guide the reward system. And by the way the question was on selling Quality, not Lean or Six Sigma. When you only have one tool … Lean and Quality are not the same thing. Neither is Six Sigma and Quality.

    Why the comment on Jack Welch?…[Read more]

  • @Mark-Graban – If you look under their name, you should see an “@” symbol in front of a name. That’s the username that you should use to direct a response to someone specifically. So, for example, if you look under Gary Cone, you’ll see @garyacone, which is the name to use in a post directed at him. As with your name, Mark Graban, people can…[Read more]

  • @Mark-Graban – the exception that I would point out, and since you brought up automobiles I’ll use that as the vehicle (patting myself on the back for being so punny), is that there are different customers/price […] 10 years, 6 months ago

  • @Mark-Graban Goldman thinks the customer is the person investing in Goldman Sachs and the entire Leadership gets obscenely rewarded for it. Go call what they do poor quality, and no one at Goldman Sachs will hear a word you are saying. They will just write you off as a zealot.

    The problem isn’t they have poor processes, they probably have…[Read more]

  • @Mark-Graban Goldman Sachs quality doesn’t suck, Their values, vision, and mission do. Goldman Sachs are one of the best at doing what they do. Their value system is money – their money and as long as others continue to flow their money to them, it will not change. 10 years, 6 months ago

  • @Mark-Graban – I have to disagree that there shouldn’t be a business case for quality. The issue comes when the financial aspect becomes the only criterion.

    The difference (you call it passion) seems to be between those who look at their role in the organization as one of ownership vs. stewardship. Much of these same characteristics have…[Read more]

  • @Mark-Graban I too, have spent a lot of time around Ann Arbor and consider Ari a business genius and a friend. He speaks to my company’s gathering and caters an annual party we do for about 300 people. I also use most any excuse I can think of to get to the Roadhouse or the Deli. I make excuses on football weekends to head to the Roadhouse instead…[Read more]

  • @Mark-Graban sent out a <a href="!/markgraban/status/179648934933823489&quot; target="_blank"tweet tonight pointing me to a blog post by Paul Borawski, CEO of ASQ.
    Paul brings up an interesting question that received no input/comments. On his blog, Paul wrote:

    Those of you who “sell” qua […]

    10 years, 6 months a…