Mary Ann Markowicz


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Mary Ann Markowicz


Managing Director/Principal


Operational Excellence | Organizational Transformation/OCM | Integrations

I have broad and deep experience as an in-house executive and external consultant driving strategic initiatives including post-close M&A and general integrations, operational excellence, organizational transformation, and operationalizing customer experience strategies in medium and large non-profit, SEC-registered, private, and equity funded companies in multiple industry verticals; maximizing value, improving customer experiences and reducing costs. Global experience.

I focus on highly regulated industries experiencing the need for rapid transformation.
• Advisory Consultant, Interim Leadership, and PMO/Program, Portfolio, and Organizational Change Management/OCM Leader
• Risk Management, Internal Audit Alignment, and Regulatory Compliance
• Metrics, Data, and Financial Performance Improvement
• Cost Benefit Analysis, P&L, Executive and Operational Reporting
• Omni-Channel Customer Service and Customer Experience Analysis, Strategy Design, and Operational Implementations to NPS, CSat, and Net Effort metrics improvements

Certification Level

CSSBB/Lean and Quality