• I’m not so sure I’d be quite that hard on it … well, the “drivel” part I agree with.
    *BUT*, if the Six Sigma program is sponsored by the “quality” department, then almost everything in his left hand column will probably be a characteristic of the SS program.  Sadly, that is true too often.
    There have been plenty of programs where there tend…[Read more]

  • Sara
    RF makes some good points, but let me expand a bit.
    There are a few flavors of DFSS, although at the end of the day they are pretty much the same.  IDOV, DMEDI and DMADV differ really only in what the proponents want to advertise.  Let’s talk about DMADV, since getting started, this is perhaps the easiest.
    The first two phases, Define a…[Read more]

  • “I would suggest that unless you are in Quality/Testing, it may not be as useful a tool for you”
    Boy do I disagree with that!  Within the larger I/T context, testing is probably the place with the fewest opportunities (not that there isn’t plenty of hay to be made there)
    As best I can tell, the greatest opportunities are in development.  What h…[Read more]

  • Mukesh
    Be a little careful in looking at tools.  Six Sigma is more about the process than the tools, and although most Six SIgma tools are applicable in software, and generally superior to the traditional software tools, there are areas where tools less commonly used in manufacturing are especially valuable in software.
    Further, don’t get DMAIC[Read more]

  • McD replied to the topic New to six sigma – HELP in the forum Software/IT 16 years ago

    There are many organizations that will certify you, and they are quite uneven I’m afraid. What you do with the certification is really what matters.  An insightful employer will ask you about your projects to see to what extent you really embraced the methodology.  When you are looking for employment in Six Sigma, generally the c…[Read more]

  • McD replied to the topic Review Effectiveness in the forum Software/IT 16 years ago

    At the end of the day, you would like to constrain warranty costs, so a comparison of warranty costs would be the ideal approach.  However, this is generally the longest feedback, so more commonly, teams compare phase containment against adjustments in the process.
    As far as I have seen, “reviews” generally don’t produce very satisfying…[Read more]

  • McD replied to the topic Need INformation about AFD in the forum Software/IT 16 years ago

    In the sort of “stereotypical” case, QFD can help us understand the priority of specific product characteristics as driven by prioritized customer needs.  See for an example, click on “ATV Measure” on the left.
    Later on, we can use QFD to ensure coverage of those product characteristics by our design e…[Read more]

  • They’re only the same size if your experience is limited to vending machines.  I often pick up the little cans for when I just want to wet my whistle before bed and the regular cans are too much.  The other day I was going for a long drive and my wife picked up a tall can for me.  Too much – gets warm before you can drink it.

  • McD replied to the topic Issue in Regression Analysis in the forum General 16 years ago

    “you will also need to give some serious thought to the physical meaning of the equations”
    I would argue that this is the thing to do first.  At it’s best, regression is no more than an educated guess, supported by some observation.  If you have a first principles reason to suspect some relationship, accomodate that first.
    For some reason, pe…[Read more]

  • I think you want to be a little careful in throwing around terms like ‘bug’ and ‘defect’ as they relate to software.  Software types have very specific meaning for the term ‘defect’, and Six Sigma software shops count defects, most of which (hopefully) never reach the customer.
    In software development, a failure to meet requirements (which for…[Read more]

  • McD replied to the topic What is a Control Plan? in the forum General 16 years, 2 months ago

    I was going to send you off to the blue bar on the left, but a quick look turned up very little.
    A control plan is a plan you put in place to ensure that the savings generated by the project actaully materialize.  In the course of a DMAIC project, you have made changes to the process.  The control plan attempts to keep those changes in p…[Read more]

  • I wouldn’t be quite so hard on them.  Many organizations have Green Belts select projects.  Remember, GB projects tend to be somewhat smaller than Black Belt projects, and it might not make sense for the leadership to spend their time on smaller projects.
    It also may be viewed as a development opportunity for the Green Belt.  The GB might just as…[Read more]

  • This would depend on your company’s particular accounting rules.  In general, I would presume the commission to be part of the sales, and so would need to be deducted from the savings.  However, your accounting system may already have dealt with that some other way.
    Different companies have different ways of dealing with things.  In companies wh…[Read more]

  • My weasel words were carefully chosen.
    All other things being equal, generally one would prefer to deploy Black Belts on hard savings projects.  Thousands of hours have been wasted on projects that sounded good at the time.  SS is all about measuring, and if you can’t measure the results, then why do it.
    That being said, SS also needs to be a…[Read more]

  • Khalil:
    customer surveys didn’t reveal any major ‘points of pain’
    losing market share to another competitor
    OK, this is a horse of a different color.  And if, as Mike suggests, much of this is window dressing, you are in for a tough road.  As a Green Belt in a company without a strong SS culture, you are in for an uphill battle already.  Hop…[Read more]

  • Mike
    I wasn’t trying to sound offended by your input.  More data is always a good thing.
    I think your comment about “What you learned is still in your head” is right on target.  R just needs a little help remembering.  Alternative sources can’t help but be better.

  • I think the difference was the makeup of the students.
    I suspect that might well be a common problem.  I do a Black Belt week 4 for selected engineers from a large company.  The last session I did was wonderful — I had a group of smart, motivated, engaged belts.
    The group before them was not well targeted for the course, and not especially m…[Read more]

  • Mike
    I imagine there are a hundred sources to tickle the old gray cells.  The Memory Jogger was the first one that came to mind.  And it seemed to fit my mental picture of R, which is likely not terribly accurate since it is based on an extremely limited sample.

  • For the customer facing processes, identify first what customer needs
    Sheesh.  I can’t believe romel is the first one in this thread to mention the customer.
    The customer stuff is a lot harder to get a handle on than the costs, but it is key to the bank’s success.  Certainly look at costs, and look at processes that have variation, but don’t f…[Read more]

  • We all realize that soft savings really does provide a benefit, but the Executive Team does not want us to include it as “real” savings.
    This isn’t uncommon, and it might not be such a bad stance, depending on the company, its history, and the availability of hard savings to go after.
    A lot of companies have a long history of “improvement”…[Read more]

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