• “you have a $60000 hard savings
    Actually, it isn’t hard until it comes off the books, so it stays soft until the payroll goes down that amount.  Simply redeploying the resource doesn’t result in hard savings.

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    Presumably your training material included a roadmap or similar overall view.  Review that with a particular eye toward remembering what the objectives were of each phase.
    Don’t fixate on the tools, there are hundreds of them and any project will only use a few.  There is a series of little “Memory Jogger” books out there, I can’t recall who p…[Read more]

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    I’d go easy on the kid.  He studied at UofM, worked in the auto industry, probably still in Michigan.
    In recent years we in Michigan have had a governer who has been doing a stellar job of protecting us in Michigan from the recent recovery afflicting much of the nation.
    He has spent his entire working life in a place where the only people who…[Read more]

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    Boy, I’m sort of on-board with Bob here.
    If you already suspect that the software isn’t working well for the business, then the use cases might validate that, but they won’t give you any insights.
    However, if you do the analysis of the current business process, that will give you the background you need to do a conceptual data model for the…[Read more]

  • Triz out of the box, of course, is pretty hard to apply to software.  The basic “inventive principles” have some applicability, if you open your mind wide enough.  Kevin Rea has done some work on recasting Altshuller’s work in software terms.
    I teach a segment on Triz in a software SS course, I do, and frankly, I find the work done so far a l…[Read more]

  • In contrast, I am aware of a company that uses DFSS as the “chain saw” to make radical modifications to their business processes to eliminate just this sort of thing.
    If the VP’s aren’t brain dead, they recognize these situations, and if they are bought in to SS, they tend to be just the folks to instigate a project to fix it.
    These tend to be…[Read more]

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    You might consider looking more toward consulting in a business/transactional context.  My experience might be a little slanted, since I deal primarily with technical people, usually engineers.  But I find that Black Belt candidates respond best to anecdotes based on experience, so without a lot of projects under your belt, it can be hard t…[Read more]

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    Six Sigma is a process improvement methodology, and doesn’t concern itself with domain specifics, such as how one might define various metrics for demand in a call center context.  What you discuss is pretty specific to a very narrow context.  Moreover, with different business objectives, you may find some specific academic definition lacking.  Th…[Read more]

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    1 – Probably this isn’t the place to get your homework done for you
    2 – This probably belongs on the software forum
    3 – If you are a practitioner, rather than a student, and you don’t know the answer to that you have much bigger problems to deal with.

  • TQM is an old, failed quality program.
    Six Sigma is a process improvement methodology.
    They have nothing to do with each other.
    Well, unless you are in one of those rare companies where TQM was successful.  Then Six Sigma is an obvious next step.

  • A software process is just like any other process.  First you build a process map.  They you identify performance metrics, then the possible X’s.  Then you build your model.
    Pick a problem process.  Agree on an improvement target.  Then go run DMAIC and the model will be part of the project.
    At a much higher level, there are models in the lite…[Read more]

  • Ozgul
    I don’t have anything, and I doubt you will find anything.  Carnegie has all sorts of comparisions between ESCM and other assessment frameworks for other disciplines. But SS isn’t in the same category, so it’s kind of hard to compare.  At least you can sort of compare apples to oranges, but it gets tough to compare apples to jeeps.

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    Never did see your email.  I wonder if you sent it from some domain that is likely to have been blocked.

  • Pretty different animals.
    eSCM-SP is a capability model, much like CMMi.  It describes characteristics you would like in a service provider.  It is all about the “what”.
    Six Sigma is a process/product improvement methodology.  It speaks to the “how”, rather than the what.
    An outsourcing provider might use SS to improve it’s eSCM-SP ra…[Read more]

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    Motorola uses DSS (I think it stands for Digital Six Sigma) to describe their Black Belt program for software types.

  • McD replied to the topic MGPP Template in the forum General 16 years, 2 months ago

    Multi-Generation Product/Project/Process Plan

  • McD replied to the topic MGPP Template in the forum General 16 years, 2 months ago

    Interesting timing.  I recently recognized that there is precious little information online about the MGPP and that has prompted me to consider writing a paper on the topic.  Haven’t done it yet — seems like there is plenty to do, but it is needed.
    I don’t have some killer template, but I have a couple of simple, completed MGPP’s that I w…[Read more]

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    I think this comes up once a week.
    The software development process is a process, and like any other process, it can stand to be improved.  And like any other process, the way to improve it is with DMAIC.
    But software development in particular is much closer to Six Sigma than many other activities.  The software development lifecycle mimics D…[Read more]

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    It’s worse than destructive testing.  In most transactional processes, we can’t test identical samples.  Often our measurements involve activities performed by people, so if we tried to give them the same sample, they would recognize it and this would impact their response.  And typically, every individual case is significantly dif…[Read more]

  • An off the shelf score card is a bad idea.  Your product is most likely not identical to somebody else’s.  People have reasons for buying your product, or for buying a competitor’s.
    When a product is designed with DFSS, the needs of the customer and the business are well documented and understood.  The effect of these needs is measured, and a mo…[Read more]

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