Michael Clayton


  • The changes from 2005 to 2012 were of course heavily weighted by the market crash, towards tighter control, but not as drastically (at least per survey answers) as I expected. My experience from 1995 to 2005 was […]

  • Did you compare answers to real success rates of companies responding?
    Not easy to do of course. I did not see any new insights in the responses, but I am “jaded old man” about surveys.
    For many years, studies […]

  • “We can make any process better as long as you are not trying to violate the laws of physics, which processes are your most important?” from Gary Cone is memorable. Should be part of our new elevator speech.

    You better make sure the CEO or VP or Director really understands what a PROCESS really is. But you will find that out when he/she…[Read more]

  • 7 years ago I used this site for a while, under username SemiMike.
    After I got a lot of really useful things, I got busy working and stopped using it. Now at age 76 I am only working part time, so set up new account, not remembering the old password and username. However, after a new logins, I remembered the old account name and password (slow…[Read more]

  • Lean = Jargon
    Six Sigma = Jargon
    Acronyms = Jargon
    I have to avoid those terms to get managers to listen without pre-judging the reputed high training costs of LSS etc. Most managers understand the word STABILIZE and OPERATIONS and IMPROVE and PROCESS CAPABILITY and OPTIMIZE and SUPPLY CHAIN or FLOW. That gets them to start listening and…[Read more]

  • Call us if you need to stablize your operations in order to then improve their underlying process capability, while optimizing supply chain or factory flow. 8 years, 11 months ago