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Michael Bonine


I bring a uniquely qualified expertise to bear on critical needs of customers, and solutions that promote high-performance and accountability. My qualifications include over 15 years of experience-based knowledge, with success in spearheading global transformed business portfolio positions that focus on sustainable positive outcomes, and a philosophy of continuous improvement at all levels.

A Dynamic, results-oriented leader with a strong track record of success in achieving revenue, profit, business growth objectives, and organizational values in rapid-change environments. MBA, Toyota Production System / Danaher Business System background, and hands-on leader with extensive experience in enterprise-wide continuous improvement transformation with strategic alignment, logistics, procurement, asset management, new process / product development, which requires deep understanding of critical business drivers in multiple markets and industries; highly successful in building relationships with decision-makers, delivering on customer commitments. Led and motivated worldwide teams and strategic planning to engage the organization in customer-focused performance results, meaningful work and infuse a continuous improvement philosophy.

A broad-based global experience in business developing, executing, leading and driving dynamic, enterprise wide results for manufacturing, oil & gas, financial services, insurance, IT, logistics, military, energy, aerospace, pharmaceutical, healthcare, automotive, and government entities.

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Master Black Belt

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Sony Corporation

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