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Dr. Michael S. Slocum is an internationally recognized expert in the fields of strategy and innovation, specializing in the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ). He has over 18 years of research, development, quality, and design experience including senior executive positions in the research, development, engineering, and quality arenas. Dr. Slocum’s latest thought leadership is embodied in his new book: INsourcing Innovation. Dr. Slocum’s work has been recognized by Fortune magazine as being one of the 25 Breakthrough Technologies of 2005. Dr. Slocum is currently recording his thought leadership in the area of strategic thought in another book titled Strategy: The Art and the Science.

He has solved over 4,300 technical and non-technical problems using TRIZ and has developed or participated in over 500 patentable innovations. He has also specialized in Performance Excellence and the integration of systematic innovation with Six Sigma (DMAIC and DFSS). Dr. Slocum is the developer of the Total Performance Excellence System (TPE) and its integration with the Ambidextrous Organization Model.

Dr. Slocum’s research and developmental work at Ontro was awarded the Most Innovative New Product of 1999 by the UCSD CONNECT program. He has applied similar advanced methodologies to launch vehicles, the International Space Station, submarines, 44 satellite systems, weapons systems, medical programs, pharmacological systems, and various other technical and non-technical programs.

He is currently researching the development of a total product / process development system that integrates comprehensive QFD, Six Sigma, and TRIZ in an Axiomatic Design structure. He is also working on advancements in TRIZ concerning Ideality, modeling, integration with Six Sigma and Axiomatic Design, and an extensively revised version of ARIZ.

As an adjunct professor and member of the graduate faculty at North Carolina State University, Dr. Slocum developed and taught a graduate course on TRIZ and edited the classroom textbook, “TRIZ: The Right Solution at the Right Time”. Dr. Slocum has also taught innovation at Monterey Technical University (ITEM), CU Boulder, MIT, and Cal Poly Pomona.

He has concurrently led TRIZ research and development programs for eight years, authoring over 120 published papers on TRIZ and other innovation and design methodologies.

Dr. Slocum studied under two TRIZ Masters who were given diplomas by Altshuller: Boris Zlotin and Alla Zusman. He also studied at the U.S. Army Intelligence School and holds a B.S. and M.S. in electrical engineering and a Ph.D. in physics. He was an editor of The TRIZ Journal and the founding editor of “Izobretenia” (Journal of the Altshuller Institute for TRIZ Studies). Dr. Slocum is also an editor of the Journal of TRIZ in Engineering Design (JTED).

Dr. Slocum is a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society in London. He is a member of the European TRIZ Association (ETRIA) Global Coordination Group, Altshuller Institute, New Technology Review Panel of the National Food Processors Association, Sigma Xi, Institute of Food Technologists, Society for Plastic Engineers, New York Academy of Sciences, Association for the Advancement of the Sciences, American Physical Society, American Material Society, American Society of Quality, ISSSP, and the American Chemical Society.

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