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Michael Cyger


Founder and Publisher, iSixSigma


I am the founder and publisher of

I first discovered the power of Six Sigma in 1995 when I worked for GE. In those days, then-CEO Jack Welch was focused 100% on making Six Sigma the last and greatest initiative to transform the business under his leadership.

When I left GE and helped start-up Six Sigma at an online banking division of Citigroup, I realized just how hard it was to implement Lean and Six Sigma without the resources that were common at GE. Most, if not all, of the major banks I worked with also were experiencing difficulty.

So I started in 2000 as a way to share information, ask and answer questions, and create a support system for those interested in implementing breakthrough improvement at their organizations.

In the years that followed, we launched the iSixSigma Job Shop ( to help connect the best people with the finest companies, and the iSixSigma Marketplace ( to share templates, presentations, ebooks and more.

I sold in 2008 and found that I just couldn’t live without it, so I bought it back in 2011.

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Green Belt, Master Black Belt

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GE Power Systems, Citigroup

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