• For missing values in Minitab, consider the following situation:

    Suppose I have 3 observations, then a missing value, then 3 more observations as shown below:

    Minitab does not treat 11.9 and 12.7 as if they were adjacent. In other words, when computing the moving ranges for an I-Chart, Minitab does not compute…[Read more]

  • Statement #2 seems a little odd, maybe even incorrect.  I say maybe because I would need to see the statement in context.  A confidence interval is not a statement about individual items (hamburgers), so statement #2 seems wrong on it’s surface. 1 year ago

  • You can use the same steps as outlined in the document I attached before, with 2 changes:

    • For step 5, calculate the average number of defects.
    • For step 6, use Calc > Probability Distributions > Poisson.  For the Mean, enter the number computed from step 5.

      1 year, 2 months ago

  • I have attached a document which gives the method for computing Expected Defectives.  An example is provided.  The screenshots are from an older version of Minitab, but the method is the same as what is in Minitab 19. 1 year, 2 months ago