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Kristen Hill

  • You can run a chi-square very quickly to find a relationship, but a Logistic regression is correct as well. The chi-square can give you a very quick and easy view and can be done in Excel.

  • Hi Aaron,
    Glad to see your interested in learning more! My favorite book isn’t one that really talks directly about Six Sigma, but it’s a great book to help people understand how to apply statistical process control to situations that most people experience already. It’s called Understanding Variation: The Key to Managing Chaos by Donald Wheeler.…[Read more]

  • It generally would be a more powerful analysis with less data if you use continuous data. If there is an ideal result (e.g. x mm diameter), then you can measure how far off the ideal each piece is. That gives you far more information than Yes/No for In/Out of spec per piece. If you use In/Out of spec then you will need to get many more data points…[Read more]

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