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     Six Sigma Slogan: Pleasant and Happy Changes
    For POSCO, Six Sigma is not merely a series of projects to be completed, but a potent tool for management reform designed to help reach business […]

  • Hey Mike. I won’t be attending the conference, but I’d love to stop by and catch up over a Barq’s. I work just 15 minutes away from the Hotel. I know you’ll be swamped with fans and autographs ;D so let me know if you have any time. 8 years, 7 months ago

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    Thanks Mike! Good to be back. I’m happy to see that 5 years worth of blog entries are preserved in the iSixSigma content archives.

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  • is dedicated to providing information about the Six Sigma initiatives at Fortune 500 companies. The author is a Market Research professional currently working in the Six Sigma Consulting […]

  • Over the years I have enjoyed the many articles that have speculated on the future of Six Sigma.This past month I have read three articles in particular that offered differing opinions on where Six Sigma is headed. According to Thomas Pyzdek, in Cargo Cult Six Sigma. Is the fad fading?:

    “As someone who follows Six Sigma news closely, it appears to me that the approach is nearing the end of its lifecycle.”

    Thomas Pyzdek is a long time proponent of Six Sigma so it is surprising that he speaks of Six Sigma as a fad, and even more surprising that he alleges Six Sigma is nearing the end of its lifecycle.His evidence is a 10 step description of the lifecycle of a fad and he suggests Six Sigma is following these steps. Roger Hoerl offers a completely different point of view on the future of Six Sigma in his article, One perspective on the future of Six-Sigma, published in the International Journal of Six Sigma and Competitive Advantage:

    “Six-Sigma has maintained momentum for over ten years now, longer than many pundits expected. However, the key question remains: how long will Six-Sigma remain front-page news? The answer is that it will remain front-page news as long as it delivers front-page results.”Hoerl, R. (2004) One perspective on the future of Six-Sigma, Int. J. Six Sigma and Competitive Advantage, Vol. 1, No. 1, pp.112–119. PDF

    Another recent article by Dr Jiju Antony in IEE Manufacturing Engineer shared Roger Hoerl’s view:

    “In my personal opinion, Six Sigma will be around as long as the projects yield quantifiable financial returns to the organizations’ bottom-line.” February/March 2005.Analysis: Six Sigma, A perspective on the future

    I am in 99.99966% agreement with these last two articles.Six Sigma will continue as long as the methodology produces results.As long as there are results, companies will talk about them.As long as they talk, I will post the results on the “front-page” of Articles and Links What Is The Future of Six Sigma?, Six Sigma Forum Magazine, November 2001 Six Sigma, Fad or Fundamental,Quality Digest May, 2000 Who Needs Six Sigma, Anyway?, Quality Digest, May, 2000

  • Supply Chain Management Review – The Next Stage of Supply Chain Excellence. This article does a fine job speaking to how Lean and Six Sigma are helping shape the future of Supply Chain.Six Sigma Companies included in the article: IBM, Dow, 3M, Textron, Lockheed Martin, GlaxoSmithKline and Delphi.

    The authors, Gregory L. Schlegel and Richard C. Smith, have coined a new term they call “dynamic on-demand supply chain” (DODSC).

    “DODSC depends on the integration of supply chain management, process-improvement frameworks like Six Sigma and lean, and on-demand technology.”

    They believe this three-part integration is the key to staying ahead in supply chain management and suggest that an integrated approach to improve supply chain efficiency is better than stand alone programs.They cite two outside sources that agree:

    “Companies that integrate SCOR, lean, and Six Sigma models see ten times the continuous-improvement benefits as those that undertake the programs individually.” Bob Parker and David O’Brien, “Building the House of Productivity,” AMR Report, Jan. 15, 2004 “According to consultants Advanced Integrated Technologies Group (AITG), companies that fail to fully integrate lean, Six Sigma, and SCOR methodologies will yield results that fall well short of their potential.”AITG

    So there we have it.Integration of supply chain strategies with process improvement strategies such as Lean and Six Sigma, along with on-demand technology is the newest and potentially most effective approach to supply chain management in today’s competitive environment.

  • Richard Weissman “shamelessly promotes” his article “The Pitfalls of Six Sigma” on the SCM Wire blog.The article appears in the May 2005 edition of The Manufacturer. The title of the article is deceptive and lead […]

  • I read a great blog post today in Agus Rachman’s Blog.He attended Microsoft’s Enterprise Project Management Solutions Seminar at the Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore.He comments on the Office Solution Accelerator for […]

  • On Wednesday, I listened to an Industry Week webcast on Six Sigma deployment strategies for small and mid-sized companies.Terence T. Burton, President of The Center for Excellence in Operations, Inc., delivered a […]

  • Six Sigma for Dummies has been getting a lot of press lately in the news. I had the chance last week to meet with Craig Gygi, co-author of Six Sigma for Dummies, at his office in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA.The only […]

  • HalMacomber and Joe Ely have decided to blog about Everyday Lean Examples.They have each made their first postin a series that will last through July. In his post titled Everyday Lean — “Jugban”, Joe describes […]

  • Hesh Reinfeld, a Pittsburgh-based business columnist and humorist wrote a column yesterday about improving the quality of his columns:

    “When my readers question the quality of my columns, I don’t look to the subjective evaluations of an editor. No, I call my six sigma black belt, Harry, for help. “Harry has worked on process improvement at GE, Toyota and has an advanced degree in industrial engineering from Cal Tech. Most importantly, he does not have a sense of humor. He lets the data drive the solution. As a matter of fact, Harry told me that he has never actually read one of my columns. “Harry’s analysis is based upon video taping readers as they read my columns. This time his analysis showed that the number of laughs per column had decreased dramatically from 3.7 to a paltry 1.9. And more importantly, few of the laughs were true vocal outbursts…” Read more

    This column is something Six Sigma and Lean followers will get a kick out of. To read more Hesh Reinfeld, visit his website.

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