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      SIX SIGMA is a methodology which can be used to improve any and every process. Especially supply chain is the most crucial aspect of any manufacturing industry. The following few aspects of supply chain can be improved immediately-
                     1.receipt of indent- both by reduction in time/ input quality
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  • pradosh,
            The principle of lean manufacturing is simple  -ELIMINATE WASTE
            Lean is applicable to any process whether it is automated or manual. Only you need to map the process and  identify the waste. To give you an example one of the manufacturer using manually oprated machine a study was done and by pareto analysis it was…[Read more]

  • The purpose of process improvement has many facets-
          1) first and foremost beleive that there is scope for improvement
           2) map the current process
           3)idenify whther all the steps are adding value(look at it as if you are a outsider)
          4) identify non value added steps( to your surprise yu will find lot of them)
        5) w…[Read more]

  •  Raj,
            SIX SIGMA is a methodology which helps you to analyse reasons for the variation between what the customer wants and what you are currently capable of.
           By under going SST , you are more clear and get an insight of how to understand the variation and what improvements are to be done to achive Maximum customer satisfaction…[Read more]

  • sixsigma training is like a religious practice which needs the faith that SIXSIGMA training will defenitely help in removing what is not wanted and improve the process of contious improvement.My experience has been SST helps to identify  the reasons for failure in a very systamatic manner and also gives you a satisfaction that you achived the…[Read more]

  •  Dear Nagendra,
         Projects India has trained persons from the US in SIX SIGMA and LEAN manufacturing. we can assist you in training , implementation. We will give you a free introductory seminar.We are bangalore basd.
     please contact  [email protected]
    gopalakrishnan.  PRESIDENT , PROJECTSINDIA