Not really Buzz A.


  • FYI, with some humor intended, :-)
    You have to furnish an e-mail address actually in the body of  your post, which you probably don’t want to do.
    Re-post, take the rest of the day off, pray that someone who has the cartoon see’s the post and sends a usable copy to you before your presentation.
    Good luck.

  • Not really Buzz A. replied to the topic Definitions in the forum General 17 years, 6 months ago

    And Darth was doing so well, focusing on the technical posts and not getting involved with the rest of us slackers.
    “Every good deed deserves a dope slap.” VERY SAD.
    In the distance, a shadow appears running.. His figure includes a stylish cape and a mask, though apparently it restricts his breathing. He is running to counter with.. wait for it……

  • And there is an often used quote from Roger Smith, out of Fortune in the late 1980’s.
    “One of the big problems is in our frozen middle management. It is very hard to get those guys to understand. If they don’t want the system to work, I promise you they can screw it up. They will stand there and smile at you, but there goes a red seat in a blue…[Read more]