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    Please ask yourself about all opprtunities which could affect for final product quality through your paint process like paint level, temp, time, pollution, immersion time durst on part etc…….
    You will get a list of potential x’s to sort
    From this list collect the potential occurence will generate a potential defect than decide which x’s you…[Read more]

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    I’m very interested by using an alternative to the lego game specialy when I got small training class
    Please could you email me the card game method to the following email [email protected]
    thanks in advance

  • ?
    What do you mean ‘you are right?’
    You were in comm, where Bill Smith developed what most people believe existed all along – except for the shift.
    Or, did Mario drive semiconductor – whatever that means!
    What did Mario come up with?
    By the way, I’ve read your recent book – in it you state something different.C’mon now, let’s have…[Read more]

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    To increase the income for six sigma consultant is the reason for it.  Many more peoples should ask this same question and would give great benefit.
    Ishikawa’s law should be used – 7 tools of quality only are important.

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    You are quite right by saying MANAGEMENT.  You need to have buy-in from Executive level to the shop floor, but it is a paradigm shift and it will need a culture change.  Yes the tools are there for a long time, but someone put them in the correct order for us to use.  Jack said, “Take out the last 20% performers. They have no need to pa…[Read more]

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    Well, I am a newbie to SS (18 months) have done no GB BB MBB training, but see a lot of value in using SS in Software Architecture and the like.  I am a Systems/Software Architect and busy studying DFSS (Design for Six Sigma) concepts and THIS makes a lot of sense to me.  After-all, it reveloves around customer satisfaction, whether it is a…[Read more]

  • I would have some more questions:
    I have been searching the web to find some organizations proposing BB trainings and tests. They are plenty of them.
    Is there any official “Six Sigma certified training centers” which would be for example certified by the former motorola experts, if so what is their name, and if not, which are the best acc…[Read more]

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    Defectives and defects are not linked in term of number of once given the second.
    A defective part is simpply when the part is reject as it doesn’t pass the customer specification.
    A defect is the reason(‘s) why the part is not accepted and therefore is related to the customer criteria.
    For instance if acceptance criteria is only to produce a…[Read more]