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lelia cain




The internet promise numerous benefits to people. Convenience and easier way of life is the greatest benefit that people owe from internet and technology. Many people also rely on the internet for informational and educational purposes. However, as an internet marketer for draw-something-online, this young woman realized that the internet is a main contributor for recreation, thus the domination of so many online games. She herself is a living testimony on how online games can alter the way of the people’s lives. So many people resort to online games not just for recreation but even for interaction and education.

More About Her Work

Draw something is an online portal game developed by OMGPop. This is commonly played using an Iphone, Ipad and any android devices. This is a budding online eguessing game wherein players will be guessing the image drawn by another player. For the mechanic of the game, the first one to guess will get three points; the next will have two. The time will then start ticking for five seconds for the rest of the players to guess the word. Those who would be able to guess will have one point each. One of the best benefit of this game is the chance for players to play draw something online and interact with each other online through chatting. They can also share and learn tips on how to draw better from other players. This game, aside from being recreational, has been a learning venue for many users. Even those people who have frustrations at drawing, can now learn in a fun and interactive way. Visit draw-something-online for further information.