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Eric Maass


Engineering Senior Director (semi-retired) and Master Black Belt and Adjoint Professor


Eric Maass recently retired as the Senior Master Black Belt and Senior Engineering Director for DFSS / DRM for Medtronic Restorative Therapies Group and developed the DFSS / DRM Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt curricula. He now does training, coaching and consulting with several excellent companies. Dr. Maass had 11 years of experience with Medtronic after 30 years of experience with Motorola, ranging from Research and Development through Manufacturing, to Director of Operations for a $160 Million business and Director of Design and Systems Engineering, and Director and Lead Master Black Belt for Design for Six Sigma at Motorola. He co-developed and was Lead Instructor for most of Motorola University’s Six Sigma courses. Dr. Maass was a co-founder of Six Sigma at Motorola, and a key advocate for the focus on Variance Reduction; his article on A Strategy to Reduce Variance was published in 1987, months after Motorola announced Six Sigma. He invented Yield Surface Modeling, a patented method for multiple response optimization that resulted in over 60 first pass successful new products. He co-authored the Handbook of Fiber Optic Data Communication and “Applying Design for Six Sigma to Software and Hardware Systems”. Dr. Maass also provided a variety of chapters in books and articles ranging from concept selection to augmentation of design of experiments to multiple response optimization to advanced decision making methods. Dr. Maass has a diverse educational background, with a bachelor’s in Biological Sciences, master’s in Chemical and Biomedical Engineering, doctorate in Industrial and Systems Engineering, and considerable experience in Electrical Engineering.

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Master Black Belt

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Motorola and Medtronic

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