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  • @prabhuvspj I suspect you got some numbers transposed? :)

    9 years, 2 months ago

  • @prabhuvspj I have really had to bite my tongue on some of your posts but this one is a travesty. I have never seen a single company that has any semblence of a reputation teach GB as a theory only class. That is pure nonsense.

    Since you stick this comment on your posts “from my experience….” and we have no idea what that really means how…[Read more]

  • @prabhuvspj Amazing response. I could not help myself. I jumped out of my chair and placed my hand over my heart. It was inspirational.

    Once i recovered I reread it hoping for another hot flash and then realized it sounded good. Probably read it a hundred times in articles and books but at the end of the day it didn’t help me actually do…[Read more]

  • @prabhuvspj Accepting something as true is much different than assuming something is true. If you will go back to the original question it is about what GB’s “do in the real world.” The question regarding interview questions was one that Kay directed specifically at Katie Berry. Infact your comment wasn’t true but it seemed less important than…[Read more]

  • @prabhuvspj Nobody owns a question. People start strings and they go where they go.

    Lets assume your comment is true: “Since the owner of this post has has asked about what sort interview questions may be expected at the interview panel, I have mentioned like that.”

    I asked about 2 of your comments which you did not explain:

    1. “I hope…[Read more]

  • @prabhuvspj You response appears to be a continuation of the completely disconnected incoherent ramblings that, when they do begin to approach reality seriously reflect your total lack of experience with anything remotely similar to CI in any form.

    Setting that aside please attempt to give me a straight and possibly coherent answer on this…[Read more]

  • @prabhuvspj I appreciate the definition but as you said it was already defined in your post. People are even familiar with it to a large extent due the persistent use of it by the Lean community.

    The question is why use it? You chose to define it immediately after you used it so why use it in the first place? Throwing it into the post…[Read more]

  • @prabhuvspj Just a curiosity. If you throw in a word such as Gemba and then you ned to define that word (I assume it is because you are not sure you communicated clearly to an audience of this DF that is primarily American English speaking and you are speaking Japanese so it would be a fair assumption that you communicated unclearly). If you…[Read more]

  • @prabhuvspj Looks like you are a little clueless. You provided a confidence interval “ESTIMATE” for a proportion using an estimate based on the normal distribution. If you are really doing a proportion, you should have used the actual binomial calculations. There are lots of CI for just about anything; means, proportions, variances, y[Read more]