• Hello all

    At trying to implement lean practices, setup time as I understand is time
    spent in preparing the machine, to adjust screws, to apply some pressure, some cleaning,
    to fill up some liquids, etc.
    Up to here is understood, setup times ¨= 10 minutes.
    But in my case, after finishing productiion, on the machine some instruments have to be…[Read more]

  • Hi everybody

    Could you share a way or method to replenish a stock if demand of production fluctuates
    in very lows and very highs.
    E.g. in last 6 months demand of raw material was october 150, november 3000, december 2000, january, february and march, 150 each.
    If I get the average by month = 5600/6= 933, this converted to daily demand is…[Read more]

  • Thanks Chris

    But I want to understand this in order to convince my boss, since is not clear for me, difficult will be to convince him.

    I wonder how dividing process time / takt time the result is quantity of people.
    Where is the basis to think like this?
    Where is the reasoning of this?


    in my poor thinking, time/ parts per time, results…[Read more]

  • Could someone explain the arguments to state that Crew to talk= process time/ takt time?
    To define quantity of people in a process?
    Is this assumption reliable?, does it have a math argument?
    What could be a real argument to consider it valid and reliable?

    3 years, 1 month ago