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    Questions for Dr. Chynyoweth

    Dr. Chynoweth,
    While I find your suggestions for the most part acceptable, your post begs a few follow-up questions:
    You write:
    Likert developed his scale in 1929 using 5 points with a descriptor for each point. Looks easy. However, Likert’s scale is balanced (an equal number of positive and negative ratings), and each rating point is visually equidistant from its neighbor. The equal distance requirement supposedly provides interval level data as opposed to ordinal, thus allowing the more powerful parametric analyses to be used.
    1. How come that you write that Likert developed his scale in 1929, when Thurstone only published his Measurement of Attitudes with Chave in 1929 and Likert completed his dissertation in 1932 based upon which his article was published in 1932? Could you provide the complete citation from 1929 so that readers on this site can look it up? There is an article by Thurstone from 1927 which is located at the British Museum but cannot be accessed as it is so fragile that it cannot be microfiched. I wander what article Likert wrote in 1929 that I missed.
    2. How come that you write: “The equal distance requirement supposedly provides interval level data as opposed to ordinal”. This is the one misconception of a Likert scale that is continuously repeated. Rather, Likert used internal consistency rather than item total scores to determine his scale level. So, there is more to Likert scaling that just the equal distance requirement.
    3. How come you are not explicitly addressing the serious issues asscociated with variability and its potentially detrimental impact on the usage of regression analysis as a means to key driver analysis? How do you address that in your work? Your 85% cut off appears quite arbitrary (however, this is not an issued when your internal research shows that it works in practice).
    4. Finally, how have you incorporated the past five years of extensive new research in the field of satisfaction research. It seems to me that all of your recommendations predate the work of Wagner, Mittal, Anderson and others. 
    5. I am also not aware of any publications in scientific articles or conference proceedings. Have you published in this arena, and if so when and what?
    Thanks for your time and any new information that I can learn.  

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