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    Dear Sir,
    How to find the root-cause is very well explained in the book ‘ The World Class Quality ‘ authored by Mr. Keki Bhote ( publishers American Management Association ). The book has many case studies.
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  • Dear Sir,
    I am very much interested in Warranty Analysis.
    I think we can have a dialogue on regular basis.
    You may contact me at my email address.

  • 1. Machine accuracy as per manufacture’s recomendation is a prime requirement.
    2. Since you the job accuracy, you start producing the jobs till you achieve 80 % of the total spread of the specs. This is more than sufficient. You should carry out Multi-vari analysis for the same.This will help you to identify the root-causes of variations v…[Read more]

  • Dear BB,
    The career you are planning is very rewarding, provided you go on updating yourself with latest knowledge areas. You should spend enough time on regular basis for studies.
    As I have seen in my case, if you deliver good results to your clients, some of them will  offer very challenging & rewarding career offers.
    However, there will be…[Read more]

  • Dear Gump,
    The ideal situation is to have the same quality initiatives at vendor as you are having; however you are following six-sigma, it will take considerable time for the vendor to learn six-sigma.I suggest the following steps,
    1.Help vendor to make a correct flow diagram as well as correct quality & control plan.
    2.Ask him to make a…[Read more]

  • You should start with two products, since you have a no. of  products running in the same assembly line. They are:
    1. Which has highest volume of production,
    2.Which has the highest quality problems.
    After this, you should do detailed time study analysis of each & every process.Pl. try to balance the timing for all the stations so as to enable…[Read more]

  • AN
    Best way will be to reduce variability by a DOE & then go for SPC.You may kindly refer to the book-‘ World Class Quality’ by Mr. Keki R.Bhote ( published by American Management Association ).Pl. study carefully the chapter on Multi- Vari analysis.
    Pl. contact,in case of a doubt.

  • I have a problem. Can any body guide me ?
    We are manufacturing abouy 12000 starter motors a month.For the first three months, there are no failures in the field.From 5th month to the 9th month every month 3 to 4 failures are reported from the field. From 10th month to 19th month every month additional 6 to 7 failures are reported. 20 th month…[Read more]

  • Dear Debbie,
    The problem you are facing of lukeworm  atiitude of the owner is not unusual. It requires a time & patience.
    Firstly,try to understand, through his daily talk, what he likes- product, processes or money alone.If he likes only money, then talk about only money.Relate every activity of yours only with money.Do your financial p…[Read more]

  • Dear Sir,
    I am following Shainin techniques for last twenty years. They are wonderful, useful for every problem, unlike Taguchi,s cumbersome & suitable for a few cases only.
    Thanks for your views.

  • Dear Sir,
    I suggest that you be a mentor. You need not show what you have leaernt. Explain them about how your team working is going to help them in business life; all the time need not be in monetory terms.It can be ease in their working.Remember that your team members are listening to what you are DOING & not to what you are TALKING…[Read more]

  • Dear Sir,
    The real method of warranty anlysis is to collect samples representing various modes of failures with period of failures.
    Analyse to find out the failure modes.Now you know the failure modes & time for failures.
    Plot for every failure mode on Webull plot & clculate beta & eta values.For beta less than 1, mostly it is due to quality &…[Read more]

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    Dear Marie,
    I suggest you should carry out multi-vari study of the process to identify the variation due to-
       1.within component,
       2.component to component,
       3. time related i.e. temporal
    Attack the the first two of the above. Mostly, you should be in position to analyse & fix the problem with engg. analysis.
    This is well explaine…[Read more]

  • Dear Marco,
    I work in India, where the conditions are almost like in Mexico.I feel you are already doing a very good job.In order to achieve further, you may follow a little different path.
    Pl. do a Parreto analysis of warranty returned parts as per faillure modes.Do the engg. analysis of the failed components.
    Study the processes,which lead to…[Read more]

  • Dear Sir,
    1.First you should study & analyse field failures.The phenomenon, which you have mentioned, is very common, when you test as per standards such as JIS or DIN.In spite of no failures in Lab. testing,there are failures in the field.The main reason is that the field stresses are different than the Designed stresses such as Vibrations,…[Read more]

  • Dear Sir,
    I totally agree with you; however when you have taken efforts, it is advisable to find out other sources of veriations- job to job & temporal veriations-, so that we can improve CPk to a higher level; thereby reducing further the requirement of inspecion.
    But you are  100 % correct.
    With regards,

  • Dear Sir,
    I suggest that using DOE [ either Shainn-Bhote technique or Taguchi ],
    you improve CPk value of the process beyond 1.75.Then tell your operator to fill the precontrol chart once an hour.The details of the run chart are given in book ‘World Class Quality’ by Mr. Keki Bhote Publishers American management Association. As you improve…[Read more]

  • Dear Sir,
    I suggest you follow Multi Vari technique as demonstrated in the book ‘World Class Quality & How to Make it Happen by my Guru Mr. Keki Bhote.
    I n case you have difficulty in solving the problem,pl. send me the total data. I shall work out the details for you, free of cost.
    President-R.MParkhi & Associates

  • The easiest & statistically reliable method is B vs C technique propounded by Shainin.You may kindly refer to the book ‘ The World Class Quality & How to Make it Happen’ by Mr. Keki R. Bhote published by American Management Association. After going thro’ this if you still have problem you may mail the problem to me. I shall try to…[Read more]

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    1.First draw a process plan,
    2.Find out the processes that are leading to quality problems like line rejections,customer irritants,bottlenecks in productions,
    3.Analyse the processes & introduce measurement system for these processes.Pl. use Shainin technique than x-r charts to reduce variability.
    4.Improve CPk of these processes.
    I shall be…[Read more]