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    Supply Chain projects I have run include Duty Draw Back programs, Supply On Time Delivery Improvement, Packaging improvement, Returnable Packaging, Freight Reduction, Freight load rates, Routing guide creation, adherance and cost impact, warehouse layout for productivity improvement, Cycle Counting methodolgy improvement, WIP Inventory Reduction,…[Read more]

  • Being a Supply Chain/ SS Consultant and traveling a great deal, I have several Suggestions for you. Guests are not enchouraged to be frugel in Hotel Rooms but Hotels do not provide incentives either.
    If you put TV remotes with Sleep timers in all rooms, I would not keep the TV on all night after I fell asleep, saving Electricity.
     Also putting…[Read more]

  • IE,
    I agree that a Mixed Model 2 Bin System might very well be the answer, BUT I still do not think there is enough information to make sure we all understand the question.
    Are the 300 parts relativly inexpensive or somewhat costly?
    Is it set up time or process time that leads you to believe that make to order will not work?
    What has been done…[Read more]

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    The number of people only gives you more opportunites to spread the work over a larger clock time for more availile minutes/seconds.
    For example, having 10 stations in this senerio might imply you want 10 people, but if the demand is low on a particular day, you might want each person to work two stations to have the flexible staff respond to the…[Read more]

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    I root for the DAWGS 48 weeks of the year, but TAKT time has nothing to do with weather the stations are coupled or independent. It has only to do with Availbile time and demand. If you had two line set up TAKT time would double as staffing it would provide more availbile production time, likewise if you ran the line 3 shifts instead of 1 you TAKT…[Read more]

  • I suspect as with most of life, what determines any ones expertise is RESULTS!
    Did you get the Company/Division/Plant/Office to get on the Six Sigma Bandwagon?
    Did you pick a “real” project?
    Did you solve the underlying root causes?
    Can you prove this?
    Did it save resources? ( Money, Labor, Machines, Facilities, ect.)
    Can you quantify this,…[Read more]

  • Hans,
    Time for what, Requisitions to become executed P.O.’s?
    Time for goods ordered to be delivered?
    Time for goods recieved to be paid for?
    Time for raw materials ordered to be consumed?
    What is it that you want to improve or measure time for?

  • You are correct to use the Box Cox transformation. This should let you understand your data better. After you have done this the new transformed data set is something you will begin to work with to understand the range you have been operating in. This is what you need to begin to work with predicting new data points and understading what your…[Read more]

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    I have been installing Kan Ban’s for 15 years. When they go well they do so because:
    1) We involved the line and Material Handeling employees in the process so they were not threatened by it.
    2) We monitored very closely the cards for the first three or four weeks, It is amazing how these come up “missing” when you know you have an…[Read more]

  • Hello Hans,
    Business Process Reengineering and Six Sigma are only similiar in the end result, when you are changing processes.
    The main purpose of Six Sigma is to develope a culture within the Organization to Eliminate Waste and Reduce Variation in EVERYTHING.
    Six Sigma not only looks at Processes it also looks at Design( DFSS) and creating new…[Read more]

  • There is a one time Cash Flow pick up of $75,000 in the senerio you have given. You can also show a Carrying Cost reduction for the $75,000 in inventory, your Money Belt can help you here, He/She should know your companies internal borrowing rate to calculate this.
    You might also have the additional savings of less damage, loss of…[Read more]