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    Yesterday 8 March 2020 a graduate of mine phoned me. We were remembering the time when several of my students were able to read PEER REVIEWED papers PUBLSHED in REPUTED Journals and to find the BMWs of the REPUTED Authors!!!!

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  • For the casual reader who is late to this spectacle and who does not wish to plow through all 94 posts …. as done by “@rbutler Senior Biotatistician” (@rbutlerSB, for short!)


    @rbutlerSB was the first to reply ; perhaps he wants to be

    • ·         The last straw that breaks the camel back………..


    AS SAID by @rbutlerSB

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    The attached figure is TWICE WRONG and YOU do not ACCEPT, due to your ….

    Stop writing BMWs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10 months, 3 weeks ago

  • 04 March 2020, ore 15.48


    • ·         I got 3 times the following (form iSixSigma)
    • ·         ERROR: Your reply cannot be created at this time.
      So I made a document……….


    IF, IF, IF, IF, IF, IF, IF, IF, IF, IF

    1. 1.    The Certifie…

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    Your last reply with the statement about “”””the PBV method of scientific discourse (Proof By Volume)””” made me think that we have different ideas about THEORY and SCIENTIFICNESS.

    For me THEORY is

    • ·         The set of all LOGIC Deductions
    • ·         Drawn
    • ·         From Axioms and Postulates
    • ·         Which allow t…

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    YOU say…. (and “IGNORANT, INCOMPETENT and PRESUMPTUOUS LIKERS” share your views):

    • ·         In your numerous posts to this thread you have made it very clear you interpret anything that goes against your personal views as arising from “IGNORANCE, INCOMPETENCE and PRESUMPTUOUSNESS…

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    VERY NICE @rbutler …..

    • ·         I LOVE QUALITY (AND people!)
    • ·         I HATE DISquality (NOT people!)

    David007 (nickname) can read my documents in the WEB !!!

    I CANNOT read the documents of David007 (HIDDEN by nickname) in the WEB !!!

    Let’s recap the story (IF you want to read it) and see the increasing grade of goad….:

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  • Thanks @rbutler, that helped.

    How can I run regression while one column of the table is just “Yes” and “No”?

    Could you please explain how can I interpret the P=.127?

      11 months, 1 week ago

  • @rbutler

    The paper suggestedd by David007 proves that Peer Review Process does not assure “quality (????)” of the papers………………

    See the file 11 months, 3 weeks ago

  • @rbutler / @cseider – good to see the two of you are still here.  Hope you are doing well. 12 months ago

  • Thank you everyone for your insights, experiences, and advice. @rbutler seemed to hit the nail on the head with his experiences because I usually get a call after the project is falling apart and they need a “saving grace” with a “quick fix”, unfortunately I don’t usually come up with a quick fix and that is when the trust in what I do is…[Read more]

  • WOW!!!!!!  This thread is soooo coooool.  Reminds me of the good ole days when the argument was about the 1.5 sigma shift.  Only thing missing from this thread is Stan challenging Fausto to a duel and debate.  @rbutler  This is the most I have seen you write and argue in the many many years I have followed your posts.  Its been a blast.  I know t…[Read more]

  • @rbutler 👏🏆 1 year ago

  • @rbutler

    DID YOU realise that your statements are NONSENSE?

    “”””I agree nobody, including yourself, tried to solve the cases.  As I’m sure others will tell you, the usual procedure on this site is for you to try to solve the problem, post a reasonable summary of your efforts on a thread and then ask for help/suggestions.””””

    In the Fausto Ga…[Read more]

  • Are you familiar with DFSS (Design for Six Sigma)?  It’s the branch that focusses on creating new processes/products rather than improving existing ones.  It isn’t about the creative process itself, but rather about assuring that the result will be high quality and efficient.  In my experience creative people are likely to resist. @rbutler gave so…[Read more]

  • @rbutler 

    I try again to upload the frist part of my Open Letter To MBB.

    MInitab does not provide the Theory for T Chart….

    BETTER I DID NOT FIND in Minitab the THEORY!!!

    IF someone knows it PLEASE provide INFORMATION 1 year ago

  • @rbutler, @fausto.galetto


    The Montgomery example appears to be from one of his books published in 1996.  He uses the I/MR chart with transformed data to create a control chart of MTBF which is obviously going to not be a normal distribution.  Since that time, Minitab has brought out the G and T charts for time between rare events.  Po…[Read more]

  • @rbutler, Minitab doesn’t explicitly explain the process or refer to “dummy variables” in the output, but it shows the coefficients for k-1 levels for each categorical predictor (the first level of course is the reference, included in the regression constant). It also displays a separate regression equation for each combination of categorical…[Read more]

  • @rbutler is correct, but a lot of modern statistical analysis software will do all of that for you. I am currently using Minitab 19, and its dialog box for regression includes inputs for both continuous and categorical variables. For the categorical variables Minitab does just what Robert described, but it’s all in the background. You can also use…[Read more]

  • @rbutler Damn you are good at this.

      1 year, 3 months ago

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