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K. Thayer Hardy


Minister of Redstone 5S Sustainment Strategy


Title: A Politico-Dental Space Race of Sorts
(AKA “A Children’s Story Set in Order of Space-mindedness”)
(AKA “Smiles Dental Project Shines with Dental Space Strategy”)
(AKA “Quad Chart Standard: Bapbomb Space, NASA’s Case”)
(AKA “Redstone 5S Sustainment Strategy: A Space Ministry for Po’ Folks

“Friends, this is our Sputnik moment,” said Jim Bridenstine (R-Okla.) unpacking his American Space Renaissance Act or “ASRA” during the 32nd Annual Space Symposium but 24 months before swearing in as our 13th NASA Chief, signaling a commercial National Security Space (NSS)-strategy afoot in response to inter-state strategic conflicts, which have displaced over 50 million people.

The American Dental Association-sponsored (“Dot” for short) likewise strategically unpacks mineralogy-to-dentistry Space Situational Awareness (SSA) from the industry-specific Internet top-level domain (TLD)—.space. In using .space to connect historical Hegelian, dialectic dots that resettled WWII Nazi rocketeers of Hitler’s Peenemünde Army Research Center with NASA rocketeers of Jim Crow’s Redstone Arsenal, smack dab in to the niter-rich soil of North Alabama’s Tennessee Valley and Appalachian Region, Dot regionally contextualizes Operation Paperclip, the World War II Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency, Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and US technical intelligence program that commandeered top-level domain rocket science while denying it to its rocket-science starved Allies. Ultimately, the US secretly 5Sed (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain) a theater (regional)-based supply chain of rock science, which stunted the US bust in NSS and stunned a commercial boom, including mineralogy-to-dentistry Space Situational Awareness (SSA).

Regionally located 99 miles Southwest of Redstone Arsenal in Birmingham, Alabama,, LLC’s mission is to create Space Situation Awareness (SSA) strategy to maneuver the politico-dental minefield inside the Beltway. Dot’s value proposition is even clearer: Deliver sense-making, historically accurate content that connects ASRA-decisionmakers to constituents interested in seeding grassroots business initiatives in commercial NSS. It’s online strategy is crystal: Decode the “silent skepticism” enduring the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing and NSS-verdict of “Bapbomb”.

The ‘Redstone 5S Sustainment Strategy’ historico-spatially deconstructs then reconnects the dots of reasonable doubt to four Tennessee Valley and Appalachian Region boys before they became four Klansmen accused of killing four African American girls in the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing. The defense follows that if, for NSS-purposes, Redstone Arsenal-employed Klansmen and Nazis had the means (to shoot a missile); motive (to decapitate the de facto Civil Rights Movement Command Post of the Tennessee Valley and Appalachian Region); opportunity (99 miles away on September 15, 1963 to “cut off the civil rights head of the snake”), and the end-justifies-the-means precedence of Operation Paperclip to obtain NSS-science to turn the tide of an arms and eventual space race in their favor—even at the cost of tolerating crimes to humanity—for NSS-purposes, then what was the likelihood of US Attorney General (AG) Robert Kennedy and Alabama AG Bill Baxley collaborating on a federal conviction in the prevailing Jim Crow apartheid system in lieu of risking billions in NSS-contracting dollars to the detriment of North Alabama?

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