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  • @ripstaur I do appreciate your concern for what I might say to a CEO. Imagine my relief. Just a quick story. About 18 months ago I sat in a meeting with a CEO. First time I met him and he was talking about his strategy. After some time I spoke up and described what I thought he should be doing. He looked at me and said “You think my strategy is…[Read more]

  • @ripstaur Here is the table. I have no idea how the other two arrived at their number.

    Let’s make sure we understand that you and I think differently. You seem to enjoy this esoteric nonsense. I have been involved in SS since the time it was deployed in Motorola and consulting in 95 till now beginning with the Allied Signal deployment. The…[Read more]

  • @ripstaur I have 2 other people who have a Z value of 6 at 9ppb. 2 years, 1 month ago

  • @ripstaur There were 73.5 million cars produced world wide in 2017. So at that rate we will see 10 defects world wide every 13.6 years? 2 years, 1 month ago

  • @ripstaur I was in Phoenix for Thanksgiving in 2016. My wife and I spent 3 hours at lunch with Mike and Sandra Harry. You know how many time the 1.5 sigma shift came up? Never. If you got that interview when Mike owned SSA then you are talking a very long time ago.

    You want to paint the SS community as keeping that alive? This website sees over…[Read more]

  • @ripstaur I am not sure why people think some thing on their own that means the have not read Wheeler. How did you come to the conclusion I had not read Wheeler?

    If you read what I posted I did not say Control charts are all that they teach.

    Here is the part I do not understand but it is pretty indicative of todays society. “Sorry you feel that…[Read more]

  • @ripstaur I will be honest with you I have no appetite to be in this discussion basically because I believe it is a waste of time. If you want to use your control charts there is nobody stopping you. I have watched countless people do things on projects and as the book “Getting to Yes” points out if someone has taken a position they aren’t going…[Read more]

  • @ripstaur You made your stance on Process Control clear and your “fact.” Here is where I am. Process Control doesn’t move me a step closer to improvement. It is a nice to know number, tied to this Cpk/Ppk/Pp/Cp that means nothing to people outside of Quality Assurance. In general I could care less. The whole thing about a process needs to be under…[Read more]