• Through DMAIC process, here is the example:
    1. Define: current leadtime process end to end, e.g: say from creating vacancy, vacancy announcement, select resume, inviting, interview, until hiring signoff took 28 days
    2. Measure: perform mapping. e.g: creating vacancy 1d, vacancy announcement 1d, select resume 5d, inviting 5d, interview 10…[Read more]

  • the idea to develop FPY is to have baseline of process, such that when we apply improvement on the process we will understand the impact of improvement. Iterative process is common in manufacture environment, to set FPY we can use existing process as baseline by establish time required/ iteration required to achieve good unit based on…[Read more]

  • if we have predictor as variable and response of attribute, we can use logistic regression instead. Logistic regression use logit formula in calculation of hipotesis test.