• Selecting the “right” problem tools comes from basic knowledge of each tools and your personal experience. Being comfortable with using a particular tool is sometimes more effective than using an alternative tool that you have little knowledge/experience. I suggest you apply what you know and as a process-improvement approach, continue to build…[Read more]

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    Hi Paul,
    I understand the relation between MTBF, MTTR and availability. It’s a very good explanation. Still I have question.
    How could I calculate the relevant amount of components for the storage area?

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    My e-mail is:
    [email protected]

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    As many of you I´ve played the beer game, also lego lean and another game which is very similar to the beer game but never played or hear from de card drip game. I´m very interested on applying lean and 6sigma concepts and I would really appreciatte if someone could send me more information about that game.

  • Plot the customer’s data on a X-bar & R chart.  You need 25 samples to start the chart. The average of the chart should be very close to your data.  The control limits should be close to your +/- 3 sigma.

  • Check the following link for an explanation of R&R’s.  You can use 10 parts, 2 operators and 2 trials for the study, and all 33 points.  One thing that is not covered in the books is the part in the fixture in the unclamped state.  There is a maximum gap from part the datum that needs to be evaluated first, can you ask someone in your company wha…[Read more]

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    That makes sense with a finished product, and for manufactuing processes, and those are the definitions we use for an Application FMEA (currently marketed device being assessed for a new use/new medical application).  However, the FDA requires – by law – a Risk Assessment prior to market release.
    See the link: ht…[Read more]

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    That was not the best example since it overlapped design a production.
    Let me try a better example. Early in the design phase the team realizes that the mechanical fits between parts in a particular assembly is critical to the function of the assembly.  Since there is no in-place design control to prevent the root cause of poor design to…[Read more]

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    This is the guideline document for the auto industry right?  I think I have read several articles/examples regarding this.  As I remember, it uses a more of an action item approach to mitigation – listing recommended actions to reduct the RPN.  I like this but can’t use it for two reasons.  In our regulated industry we are all about “formally clo…[Read more]

  • It seems to me many of the posts in this forum have unstated assumptions about the type of FMEA. 
    I’m a design engieer for implantable medical devices (high risk).  We use FMEA on every product.  We have team members from engineering, marketing, clinical/nursing and regulatory – and the team gets confused about this topic almost every time.  I h…[Read more]

  • What a crock…this is what is to be expected from GE..and more specifically Whelch..

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    Hi, we have in our company newly start to use a software called rektron SQC. We are using it at measure stations in out production. Ihave work with the program for some months now and its really user freandly and easy to use. And we making nice reports outprints out of it to. I now my boss download an demo version från there web site at…[Read more]

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    I´m currently working on a HR Six Sigma project for my company. Can you send me copy of the project. I would appreciatte it. My address is [email protected]
    Roger Zumbado

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    arun kumar
    I´m working in a HR Six Sigma project on the same area. Can you please send me a copy of your projects? Thanks in advance
    My email is [email protected] 

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    I suggest you contact the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) here in the U.S. or if you are looking for a consultant you may want to try some of the advertisers on the Web.
    Good Luck,

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    Did you ever figure out your project?  I recently started Black Belt Training and I feel lost.  I am understand the basics but have no idea where to begin to apply them to my project.  I simply can not put the training, tools and my project in context together.  What sources for support have you found?  I am looking for some support.
    Please advi…[Read more]

  • Thanks Tim. I have had the feeling that this is something I can not
    do I think partly because my project I think is one of those where a
    Champion just wants to cut a budget on something where there is
    no real defined process. Six Sigma tools probably can be
    applicable but maybe it is not a good 1st/training project. I have
    sent a…[Read more]

  • I am a Black Belt Trainee who has just completed my 1st week of training.  I can not see how any of the things I learned fit into my project.  I am questioning whether I have a good project but also whether I am capable.  Is there a support site for newbees?  Misery loves company (and it usually helps regain productivity).
    Please advise.

  • I did had the same requirement. Devoted few hours on net and got reward. Few good sites like http :// www. 6sigmagroup . com are spreading Six Sigma knowledge thru free downloadable articles. They have different sections for Green Belt, Black Belt,Leadership etc. Other resources, yahoo groups, isixsigma are also good.

  • You need to put a system in place and then measure it. That’s your baseline and you’ll use it as you move forward and implement a solution.

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