• @sheldon18 Nice stretch Shelly…. I can agree it was a great answer for a different question. :-). 8 years, 2 months ago

  • @cashinasnap Kimmy your response makes no sense…who could have seen that coming? The thread talks about the response of a call center to email coming in. In the past, all input to a call center was via phone call. The typical metrics were how long it took to answer, average handle time (AHT) and abandon rate. With many inquiries now coming…[Read more]

  • @sheldon18 As has been explained, the notation of Y=f(x) is not really mathematical but a conceptual description. In the LSS context I like to describe it as “Outputs are a function of the inputs” since we often use Y to describe out outputs or response and X as the inputs. That is why we don’t try to improve the Y. We must identify and…[Read more]

  • @Sheldon18 Yes, f is often referred to “a function of” when referred to y=f(x). 8 years, 2 months ago

  • @Sheldon18

    Consider the following example and 2 inputs might impact the output.

    Ice Cream Sales = (Outside temperature in Fahrenheight – 75)*150 + Number of trucks selling * 50

    Notice that Temperature is an uncontrolled variable and number of trucks is a variable in control of the company. This is another example of y = f(x1, x2) or…[Read more]

  • @sheldon18 I commend you on your desire to learn. Every day should be a learning experience and you can learn something from pretty much anyone if you keep an open mind. But you can also learn without getting certifications. They are gotten either for ego,validation or commercial purposes. Not that there is anything wrong with any of those…[Read more]

  • @Darth @Sheldon18 You both have good points. To your point, Darth, about hiring it probabaly doesn’t have as much to do with who is doing the hiring as much as it does who is doing the recruiting. Take a look at the iSS Linked in site and read the question from some recruiter asking about why SS is so hot and she has a client asking for someone…[Read more]

  • @Sheldon18

    Welcome to Lean Six Sigma. I’ve gone through what you’re experiencing. I looked at the tools and said to myself “Hey, I’ve already done a lot of these or know how to”. After 5-10 years, I realize the folly of my prior statement because if you don’t get bogged down in the minutia of the tools you’ll see how powerful some packages…[Read more]

  • @Sheldon18 You have hit upon one of the banes of our industry…..disjointed and arbitrary awarding of certificates. But as Doug said, if you know your sxxt, you can tell within a few minutes whether somebody has the technical knowledge and as Chris said, you can ask a few questions about how they solved a problem. If you can’t tell the good…[Read more]

  • @sheldon18 One of the keys to being “useful” on this forum is the establishment of credibility and knowledge. In your post above on Sept 8, 2013 you responded to one from August 7, 2011 with a simple question posed back to the original poster. Do you really believe that the nature of your response was such that he was just hanging around waiting…[Read more]

  • @Sheldon18 You didn’t violate any rules on this forum that I am aware of. No apologies necessary. 8 years, 2 months ago

  • @Sheldon18 Darth offered you some advice which he stated very clearly in the first sentence of his post. There is really no need to make a big deal out of accepting or ignoring his advice. Some of this stuff you just have to walk away from. I haven’t asked Darth directly but I am guessing he isn’t really concerned with how you spend your time – he…[Read more]

  • @sheldon18 Because you are obviously new to the Forum I will give you friendly advice rather than blast you. It is recommended that before you go on a rampage of responses you might want to check the date of the last post. Your big parade of posts were for threads one to two years old!!! If nobody has responded to them in that period of time,…[Read more]