• Robert, Can you help me to understand the meaning of orthogonality (as in “degree of orthogonality”) Thank you,Srini 

  • Thank you for your answer. If I make a p-chart for percent data to show it that will help. Does it make sense that I calculate the mean and standard deviation on the weeks of data? If my data is

    Week percent bad 
    Things tested

    Things…[Read more]

  • Can he make a hisogram with this datas? This is same type of question that causes me problems. Is it ok to make a histogram of percent data if you have the percent over lots of weeks? And also is it ok to report the mean and standard deviation on those datas? I am always confused by this type of problem and would like help. Thank you kind sir or maam.

  • Please help if you can. I am still trying to decide if it is ok for me to create a histogram if my data are discrete. In my project, I am counting the number of projects that are complete each week for my area. I have 35 weeks of data points and I am not sure if it is ok to create a histogram to show how data is distributed. I am told by some…[Read more]

  • My question is more of a why rather than what should I do- it is not stopping me from doing action – I just want to be able to understand how can it matter in multiple regression – that is when other variables are included that this one mathematically is now significant where before it was not. That is my first question.
    Then based on that I was…[Read more]

  • I am sorry for confusion. My real question is if I should look at just the 2 variables and exclude the third or if I should look at all 3.
    When I run regression of the one x by itself, it is not significant (has a high p-value) but when it is included with multiple regression is it significant – has p-value of 0.002. I cannot understand why is…[Read more]

  • I would very much appreciate a copy….please.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi
    My understanding of Bi-directional traceability
    Horizontal Traceability – Traceability between requirements to design to Code to Test
    Vertical Traceability – Traceability between requirements. This essentially is to know the traceability between other requirements. Ex. if Requirement 2 changes, will requirement 1 also change, will test case…[Read more]

  • Vargas replied to the topic explaining correlation in the forum General 17 years ago

    If “x” and “y” are two variables, the stronger the correlation, the better “x” predicts “y”.
    Can it get more simpler than this.

  • Vargas replied to the topic Defect in the forum General 17 years ago

    But you did not write what is your product, there might be some criteria as to when you reject your product. If the number of defects are > “x” or may be even if there is one single defect. If it is so then apply DMAIC to reduce the number of defectives first and then to reduce the number of defects, based on the Pareto analysis. Since…[Read more]