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  • Dear Bower Chiel,
    thank you very much for the detailled reply. I will get the papers and do the CI calculations.
    If I do all three recommended calculations (2-variances-test, Cpk-calculation and CI-calculation) that should give evidence enough to prove significance, shouldn’t it.
    Best regards,

  • Dear Eoin,
    thank you very much for answering my question.
    I’m very angry with myself, because the way you proposed to prove significance should have come into my mind too.
    Again, thank you very much!
    Best regards,

  • Dear remi,
    thank you very much for the quick reply on my question. I was really astonished that you bothered with my problem in that short time.
    Would you say it is not necessary to prove the significance on the improvement? I always have been teached to prove those things, but perhaps that is not the way it works in practice.
    If I want…[Read more]

  • Dear DM,just a few companies I know are: Ford, Linde Group, Deutsche Bank, AXA, Deutsche Bahn, ThyssenKrupp, T-Systems, T-Mobile, Arcor. There are many more. However, most do not run a full Six Sigma program but apply Six Sigma in selected areas.You may also want to check out the European Six Sigma Club Deutschland e.V. at…[Read more]

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    to replicate means to repeat the entire design. A 2**3 full factorial DOE contains 8 cornerpoints (=combinations). If you do 2 replicates you have to do 16 runs, so you repeat every treatment combination once. This allows, like mentioned in an earlier answer, the estimation of your experimental error.
    Repeat is the repetiton of a single…[Read more]

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    The control limits are normally recalculated only when the process has been changed in some substantial way.
    More importantly, why are you maintaining SPC charts? What is the goal? If you hope to use SPC to identify “special causes” and eliminate them, you need to investigate what happened to the process at the times you see signals on the chart.

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    Hey there,
    basically what you do with box cox transformation is to raise your data by the power of lambda. including the specs. Minitab tries lambdas between -5 and + 5 (for example if lambda is -1 its like data*1/x or if lambda is 1/2 it is the sqrt from your data) to find a minimum standard devia´tion. The lambda that leads to minimum std dev.…[Read more]

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    thanks a lot for your reply. 2 weeks ago I had a course called research methods and most of your points ring a bell inside my head.
    I guess I would prefer to do a case study linked to my daily job which is being a MBB for an automotive supplier.
    My favourite topics are linked to Six Sigma and Lean in general. In particular I am very…[Read more]

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    Hi Alex,
    thanks for your reply. I am located in Germany. Currently I am supporting one of our european business units in deploying six sigma europeanwide with 30 BBs. Our program is running quite well after a very long and difficult start.
    My aim is somehow to combine what I do in my day to day job with my dissertation. I thought about a case…[Read more]

  • Jorge,
    is it free?
    Would it be possible to get a copy?
    [email protected]

  • @s.o. who applied Six Sigma approach successfully:
    I found out that 6S is a consequent alliance of the following approaches:   -Process Reengineering (a)   -Process Management   (b)   -Continous Process Improvement (c)and hount the following approaches in comparison to conventional Quality Management approaches:
    Process Reengineering  (a)conven…[Read more]

  • Hi Jim,
    can you tell me, which position in what company you have?
    Else I need to know, what is the basic for the numbers you mentioned (5-15% improvement -TQM, and up to 100% with 6S)?
    Have you a safty source for telling this or are they out of your experiences?