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  • @neerajyadav Thank you for the nice comments and good questions. I’m not a statistician but these are things I’ve been taught/learned and I’m happy if they help anyone.

    About using normsinv it’s really the same as what @Manipage said. In general there are two ways to calculate your z score…a continuous method which requires normal data, and…[Read more]

  • @neerajyadav If for example your respondents are rating each question on a 1 to 10 scale (my preferred scale where 1 is not at all satisfied and 10 is extremely or completely satisfied…but you can use different scales) and you define a defect as any rating below 7 (respondent was unsatisfied), then yes you can treat the data as normally…[Read more]

  • Whether it comes to Lean Six Sigma, or Engineering, or Finance, or any other discipline, the challenge for a hiring manager is to select someone who can get the job done well.

    There is a tremendous amount of variation regarding education standards between universities and colleges, not to mention costs, as there is for Lean Six Sigma training…[Read more]

  • @BBJeff My comments are a few months late, but…certification as part of an in-house LSS program definitely acts as a great motivator for many to achieve recognized higher levels of competency (even nicer if it improves pay).

    Regarding credibility, I wouldn’t worry as much about passing a really difficult exam or extensive hours training as…[Read more]

  • @Darth, @MBBinWI, Gentlemen: Thank you for the refreshing comments. What I expected better from @Mike-Carnell was not jumping to conclusions so quickly (or passionately).

    Despite my personal opinions, without any experience with or feedback from people with experience with these two training providers I felt obligated to ask before simply…[Read more]

  • @Mike-Carnell: Real and up front as requested — your last post at first surprised me, and then upset me, and then finally it dismayed me as I expected better.

    However, I’m a good sport and I’ll mark it up to my neutral/objective responses perhaps being too easily interpreted as support for any particular training provider. In any case, we are…[Read more]

  • @Mike: I would agree with you about sitting for the ASQ exam if most of the knowledge and experience were already there and certification was the primary goal, especially given ASQ’s great reputation…although it appears 100pct may have its market too….

    My interest was primarily regarding the PMI/CQI training, and I’ve recently learned that…[Read more]

  • Thanks Sean,

    I was only going by what is on the 100pct website:
    “Certification is included in the price of the course. You will be required to complete an open book exam (this takes place on the final day of the course), and submission of two projects. Case studies can be provided should a project not be available for use.” 10 years, 3 months ago

  • Hi John and Sean,
    Thanks for taking the time to endorse 100pct Effective so highly. It looks like they may fill a need for customers who would like an intensive Lean Six Sigma overview in order to establish/demonstrate certified Black Belt credentials quickly.

    Usually I see a requirement to demonstrate application of training in 1 or 2…[Read more]

  • Hi Constantine,
    Thank you for sharing. Could you also please tell me where the course was, how large the class was, and how many trainers there were?

    There is so much financial pressure these days to shorten the number of weeks in-class training. I’ve seen okay GB training in 1 week (good enough for general awareness) and Rath & Strong now…[Read more]

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