• Hi Vinay,To some extent you understood the process correctly. However, we do have a second level verification but I want to reduce the errors at the first stage thus saving the second level resources.How were you able to lower the entry time from 30 minutes to less than a minute. Could you please guide me thru or provide any material for the…[Read more]

  • Eugene,Your question was not quite clear to my understanding however, I will try to answer to the extent I understood the same:We are into banking transaction/members’requests processing. We have a dedicated wokflow system for all the activities that are performed to process the requests (address change, transfers, correspondence, etc.). My…[Read more]

  • Iam and Adam,Thanks for your valuable inputs. I would definitely try lean and Poka Yoke for reducing the errors. However, I am a novice to Lean. Could you guide me through this. Adam, if possible, could supply me some material on how you did at the mortgage processor?My email ID: [email protected]

  • Hi M,
    Thanks for your inputs. The idea about prompts and flashing screeen would definitely help. I will also try mistake proofing. As of now, we have check lists and other tools to upload the information once a transaction is processed.
    However, The agents after certain tenure are complacent and overlook these check lists and do not enter the…[Read more]