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    Generally speaking,  Taiichi Ohno is credited with innovating the problem solving approach known as the “5 Whys”.  Ohno attributed his approach to lessons learned from Sakichi Toyoda (father of Kiichiro Toyoda).
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    Each of the items you have mentioned may be “Non-Value Added”.  But additionally, you might have other non-value adds for operators:
    1) Unscheduled maintenance (negatively impacts production — i.e. operators spending more time fixing old equipment vs operating the machinery to generate product)
    2) Poor product logistics (i.e waiting…[Read more]

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    The answer to your question is, “Yes”, Six Sigma may be applied to the real estate industry.  The tools of Six Sigma can help you to improve the efficiency of a RE sales transaction.  You would apply the tools to help you to achieve the following (this is not an exhaustive list of applicable areas):
    1) ID your customers
    2) ID their requi…[Read more]

  • Someone please correct me if I am incorrect, but I am under the impression that the 1.5 sigma shift refers back to the measured/observed  standard deviation (ranges) that were measured in the initial Motorola processes.  Subsequently, Motorola’s research became the de facto (industry) accepted sigma shift for processes.
    In any case, the tab…[Read more]

  • No, I am not from Allied Signal.

  • Dear RMH:
    I am a certified MBB, and was a certified BB before that.  At my present company, we began applying Six Sigma in HR to first control recruiting costs.  We we had exorbitant placement fees being paid out to various recruiters, plus the interview costs.  We were able to reduce our total costs, by conducting more phone interviews, we re…[Read more]

  • Sanjay:
    Here at my company, we have applied Six Sigma to many HR areas.  Some of the many areas of application include: employee retention, employee recruitment & the recruting budget, Travel & Expenses and Assignments & Relocation.  We have had incredible results with Six Sigma in HR and will continue to be advocates of Six Sigma.