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  • Chris,

    Apologies for the late response.

    The problem statement i should have started with (DMAIC) “There is no way of monitoring how accurate the forecasting of the machine shop workload is. The knock on affect of this, is to the work plan schedule”

    As you can imagine this will create slippage on agreed delivery dates. hope this clarifies what…[Read more]

  • Hello Community,

    Being relatively new to LSS, im still trying my hand at the huge range of tools we have at our disposal.

    One objective we have been asked to look at for our manufacturing department is our planned hours to machine products, compared to actual time taken. We are looking to create the output of this exercise into a KPI, for us…[Read more]

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  • Hi Both,

    Thanks for your response, very enlightening and also resonates to my current situations! The hold your ground article couldn’t be closer to my point.

    This brings me to my next difficult question, which i’m not expecting an answer on to be honest, but maybe some advice.

    Just recently my home situation has changed quiet significantly, i…[Read more]

  • Hi Jose,

    I would pick something simple as suggested but one everyone can relate too. Im not sure about what the set up is like where you are, but iv found the simple tasks such as implementing recycling points if none currently exist, get the most attention. Also assuming your waste is transferred appropriately, the people who provide this…[Read more]

  • Hi There,

    Looking for advice on current career situation. I am currently working for a relatively young SME that builds bespoke automated machines. Production is typically high variety, low volume therefore have limited options to improve the productions environment.

    The MRP/CRM software is very poor to say the least, and the users have managed…[Read more]

  • Hi there,

    I work in a low volume, high mix production environment. The office staff, play many roles to support the products we make.

    We recently purchased 5 stand up desks, and the candidates following the trial, have all come back with positive feedback. They explained how they felt it improved their posture, so no more back issues as…[Read more]

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