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  • What action to you or your boss propose to take on your findings?

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    Why not run the project with CT as your Project Y and capture the quality metric as the secondary and track it via Control Chart (per JSVEV). If you wanted to use a 2 proportion test on a before/after yield measure, I suppose you could and easily quantify the CI/CL.

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    Understood. So if I look at a conversion table that lists the equivalents of sigma, yield, DPMO, etc “Yield” in this context is referring to defectives (good output / total output) while DPMO is referring to defects?

  • I would say the only data that has relevence in terms of studying work content and its elements is that which you see on the floor. Using any “standard” as a substitute for actual observation is not my reccomendation.

  • Standardize the amount or the options to avoid the appearance of favortism.  VOC each group during your sensing sessions to determine what has value.  Give them choices to pick from. Examples:

    Some fixed $$ allocated by the sponsor / BB to the team members
    Shirts or jackets
    Letter of recommendation
    Public recognition
    % of the savings af…[Read more]