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  • I agree with Robert’s reply and general questions. As a general model,  I like the approach of going to a stadium for a ball game.

    1. What stadium am I in? Wrigley Field or Candlestick. A screening DOE as a guide for factors and levels.

    2. What Section are the seats located? The screening gives some insight but know you are judging where are we…[Read more]

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  • Bob,

    Great reply. I would also ask for a definition of productivity.  Max output or max output at minimal cost or throughput times?

    Yes, you absolutely must know if the A,B, and C items are 1 per batch or is there a combo of raw materials? Additionally, do the catalysts function with all the raw materials for their desired effect? If not, then…[Read more]

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  • Jonathan,

    Take measurements of multiple parts from each cavity and make a box plot of EACH cavity. This is a multivariate chart and will clearly display the part variation within and between cavities. If a difference appears likely then you can run a hypothesis test on the mean values of each cavity to determine if they truly are different. Use…[Read more]

  • Rob,

    Two sources…1. IHI (Institute for Healthcare Improvement) and 2. Am Soc for Quality which has a $69 on line class with group discounts. Not too sure you would need 3 to 5 days to cover this material even with case studies. I would think 2 days would be sufficient.

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