• Hi Brad, back to your original topic….I think I understand your question: You work with a bunch of people who are experts and have no need to learn a new way of analyis because their approach has always kept the lights on and their security badge working every morning…and you have seen a better way to approach problem analysis.

    If my above…[Read more]

  • Joel, as investigators of data, sometimes it can be fun to consider looking in a slightly different directions for your answer. If no single source of information exists for your answer, I have found you can learn a lot about a company by watching their job boards. The job desciptions usually will give you a good desciption of the goings on. By…[Read more]

  • Hi Jonna,
    First the disclaimer: I do not work for a lean six sigma software company. I am simply an engineer also looking for light footprint, easy to use software.

    Recently, I took a MBB class at Ohio State. They introduced me to the Engine Room software.
    I have used it some but not a whole lot and…[Read more]

  • Dyba,
    Building on response from MBBinWI. 2 sample T and 1 way ANOVA will both provide the correct analysis and more or less the same answer. I created 10 sample points in Minitab ($ vs. Y/N) and placed the […] 9 years, 3 months ago

  • One of the most difficult things to do in any analysis if figure out what is my X and what is my Y. In your case, “Yes/No” is the X and you are trying to use this X to tell you something about the Average Revenue (the Y). Your X data is attribute and your Y is variable. Run a 1 factor ANOVA. (Minitab==>STAT==>ANOVA==>One-way Use the MInitab…[Read more]