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Mr. Whitney is a Manufacturing and Transactional Quality tools implementation professional. He was one of the first Dorian Shainin trained engineers with Motorola and assisted in integrating these techniques in the discipline of the Six Sigma problem solving process. His major contribution in integrating basic quality systems, Shainin techniques and the Six Sigma problem solving discipline was to introduce organized data collection practices through discrete assembly process observation techniques. Mr. Whitney has consistently demonstrated an ability to innovate Basic Quality, Dorian Shainin and Six Sigma discipliness across all business formats.

In the manufacturing sector, Mr. Whitney worked in senior positions with General Electric, Compaq Computer Corporation and Motorola as well as an independent consultant. His projects’ scope include technologies such as:

• Electronic circuit assembly, transformers, circuit breakers and control tower assembly (GE)
• SMD placement and soldering, final product assembly (Compaq Computer)
• Electronic circuit assembly, LCD and tube monitor fabrication (Samsung SDI)
• Motor fabrication and production line optimization including welding, metal stamping and wiring sub processes (Invensys Control Systems)
• Component sensor fabrication (Invensys Control Systems)
• Sink fixture sand casting (American Standard)
• Sub process projects included process improvements included:
o Stamping for both large and small components
o Plastics molding
o Circuit board manufacturing
o Harness wiring
o Automotive gage assembly

Mr. Whitney worked as a Vice President and Executive with General Electric Corporation where he mentored the development of marketing and sales initiatives for a ten billion dollar insurance and four billion dollar manufacturing businesses. Of many accomplishments top results included 50% to 100% premium growth for the top five insurance customers and a 20% to 25% distributor revenue increase for the manufacturing company. In addition, Mr. Whitney provided executive level champions training in six sigma methods to eight of the twelve General Electric businesses.

Mr. Whitney worked as the Vice President and senior Six Sigma leader for Sears Roebuck and Company. His organization provided oversight for Six Sigma project work ranging from supply chain logistics, store operations productivity, merchandising effectiveness and service operations. Sears documented more than $72 million dollars in productivity over a two year period. Individual store metrics were developed to assist local managers in determining where best practice merchandizing methods would provide increased sales for theirs’ and like stores. Stores tailoring assortment inventory levels and merchandizing practices to local demographics realized gains in comparable sales percent in the 10 to 20 percent ranges.

Mr. Whitney is currently assisting the Kraft bakery division in the development of a cultural transition of bakeries from ad-hock process improvement methods to bakery wide mobilization of the workforce focusing on line process optimization and fast productivity gains.

Master of Education, Corpus Christi State University
BSEE, The University of Texas @ Austin

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