• Hey Gary,
    Lets park our ‘generational’ differences…. we’ll unnecessarily digress.
    I like the point you are making about defects. Why not we explore an alternate definition of defect – something broader, so that we could use six sigma’s traditional focus on defect, but define it more broadly than “outside customer specs” / “violates the CTQ.”?…[Read more]

  • Gary,
    I have no issues with 40/50 yr olds taking over the tech world – or any other for that matter. You have no idea which side I am – or do you? :-)

    I am also OK, if you don’t feel like sharing with others, who might ‘pile on’.

    In any case, you’d be more of a six sigma professional if you elaborated a bit on your ‘non sense’ comment.…[Read more]

  • Incidentally, I am sending this URL to some BB / MBB friends of mine to seek their opinions as well. Would appreciate it if you could do that as well. Lets get some more opinions on this. Thanks. 10 years, 1 month ago

  • Thanks again. We are making progress. Good to see we have shed sarcasm… it’s definitely an easier read now! :-)

    I take Union’s point that “very few companies, if any, use only traditional Six Sigma tools and only use it to identify defects.” Yet, six sigma training and its core definition is still stuck there. For example Wikipedia says,…[Read more]

  • Well Union, good to know you had the patience to read thru my post / reply.

    So, six sigma failed in Home depot because the CEO has a jerk face. OK…
    But you say I “want to move Six Sigma out of manufacturing and traditional industries”. Wonder where you got that?

    I must tell you that, your sarcasm clouds some of your perceptive comments.…[Read more]

  • Thanks Guys. I really did not expect a cry of “Hurray! At last somebody has spoken the truth!”
    However, I must say I am a little disappointed that the responses are straying away from focus… more so from six sigma guys!
    Please note that I am:
    [ol][/ol] Myself a Six Sigma Champion and NOT a basher! (In fact, possibly, with nearly 10…[Read more]

  • Thanks. I will let other readers decide for themselves. 10 years, 1 month ago

  • Gary,

    I am a customer of six sigma – and a passionate one at that. I ‘bought’ six sigma as an Operations Manager and continue to use it today. So, I have no hesitation in saying my opinion qualifies as VOC. Also, as consultant, I hear many customers saying what I have quoted above. In fact you seem to be confirming that by calling my…[Read more]

  • Sure it is the same old tripe. That only means it has been a consistent ‘voice of the customer’. Point is what are we doing about it… even as managers struggle to make changes in the ‘classic’ model, each time it is implemented. Surely this is a call for Six Sigma 2.0, with more emphasis on customer satisfaction (delight?) instead of merely…[Read more]