• @cseider No HBO, but a friend just told me that I can get free HBO through my AT&T phone service so I have to look into that immediately! I’ve heard that it’s really good. 3 years, 2 months ago

  • Love this thread and reading how everyone has started in process improvement. I’m going to tag: @cseider, @mike-carnell and @VenerableBede.

    Engineer in school > Nuclear engineer (yes, designing cores and such) > GE engineering leadership program (rotational, functional assignments) > EH&S program manager > Plant manager (Green Belt trained) >…[Read more]

  • @johnny1287 – All Six Sigma projects are projects.

    I think perhaps you’re talking about structured project management as in what the Project Management Institute ( teaches and certifies? Is that correct?

    If so, then you’ll want to contact them and search their website. I found this, which — with the limited information you shared with…[Read more]

  • Hi Nicole,

    @Andy-Parr gave a great simulation example to check out.

    Here are a couple of past iSixSigma discussion threads you might want to read:

    Lean Simulation:

    Six Sigma Games:

    Another Six Sigma Games:…[Read more]

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  • Here are a few references for you to…[Read more]

  • Hi Tammy,

    Great to have you in the community. You’ll find that on iSixSigma, like most workplaces, everyone wants to be best friends with statisticians like yourself. :) And you’ll also find plenty of stats questions posted in this forum.

    I look forward to reading your posts and learning from your experiences!

    Michael 3 years, 3 months ago

  • Welcome back, Joe! It’s great to have you in the iSixSigma community again. :) 3 years, 3 months ago

  • Hi Stephenie,

    Have you looked at It’s an online Kanban board that allows you to track “to do”, “doing” and “done” work on electronic cards.

    Each card has a title, description, attachments, and you can assign then to people and label them with colors, due dates and tags.

    Instead of the typical Kanban flow of three steps, and then…[Read more]

  • Hi Joseph,

    Welcome to iSixSigma, and thanks for joining and posting your introduction.

    It looks like you’re motivated and ready to get going with the next phase of your Lean Six Sigma journey! I am excited for you and wish you the best as you move forward.

    I don’t have much to recommend besides keep an eye on Lean Six Sigma opportunities in…[Read more]

  • @rbutler: I fixed the formatting in your previous post so columns are displayed. Sorry for the trouble.

    When content is posted that relies on spaces to display columns, please do the following:
    1. Click the “code” button
    2. Paste the table that is formatted with spaces
    3. Click the “code button again

    This wraps the content in formatting that…[Read more]

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  • @MBBinWI – I sent you an email as I think it will be easier to troubleshoot the “forum listing missing” issue you are experiencing. I’m still not sure I understand it.

    Separate topic: I did want to clarify, clicking on the envelope and group of people in the left sidebar (when signed in) does not do anything right now. However, when you mouseover…[Read more]

  • @cseider: Love the new easier to navigate website with more lean techniques to get to mail, etc. AND love how it’s running more smoothly lately.

    Thank you, Chris! Our team has been working on increasing the speed of the website, and we continue to make this the focus for the near term. Big thanks to @nikolad and @dpacmittal for their efforts. T…[Read more]

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  • Michael? See that without my platinum level I am just another voice in the crowd. 🤣 3 years, 8 months ago

  • Welcome, @wdaimee! It’s great to have you on iSixSigma.

    I am full agreement with @Mike-Carnell, and as the “other” Mike on these forums I would echo his thoughts.

    Employers are looking for people who can deliver results. The best way to show you can deliver results is by past employment. So I’d recommend taking the course while you’re working…[Read more]

  • Welcome, Paul. Great to have you in the community!

    Once you are educated in Six Sigma, you start to see the world in a whole different way. Everything becomes a process that can be improved/optimized, and you understand what is critical to quality from the customer’s perspective.

    Looking forward to hearing how you improve your work. 3 years, 8 months ago

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