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    Don’t forget your ultimate customer will be kids:

    What age/sex group are you targeting with your toy?

    Why will someone in that age/sex group want your toy (as opposed to some other toy)?

    How much will people be willing to pay for your toy?

    Those three will help make the inital sale. You will also need to consider:

    What are the…[Read more]

  • The process sigma calculation sometimes contains a “process sigma shift” term, which is used to account for normal and expected variations in process output.  Here is a link that will explain it and let you see how it…[Read more]

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    I’ll re-open this thread with a near-quote from my old company’s calculation procedure:
    “Calculations shall be in sufficient detail and sufficiently referenced to allow a knowledgable individual to verify the results.”
    Just what was sufficient detail and sufficient referencing was a function of which person was doing the checking, and therefore…[Read more]

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    In a word: “don’t”
    W. G. Miller

  • Without a right of entry clause, I can’t see this customer having a leg to stand on in a certification complaint.  They may force you to spend money to defend your certification, though, and strike you from their list of qualified suppliers.
    Here are some things to consider:
    1a) How important is this customer to you?  Certain customers just a…[Read more]

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    I did find a reference to “Diet Six Sigma”:…/six_sigma_diet_or_lifestyle_change.html
    As described in the blog, “Diet Six Sigma” is not a marketing gimmick.  To say much more would spoil the blog entry for everyone.
    W. G. Miller

  • w. g. miller replied to the topic Corruption in the forum General 13 years, 2 months ago

    I’ll add something to Mike’s comment:
    Are you looking for evidence a project was manipulated to “demonstrate” some predetermined conclusion?  I have a few examples:

    An error data collection project at my previous employer failed because the individual employees quickly learned how to manipulate the data collection process to make them…[Read more]

  • Darth was right to put emphasis on the word “correctly” in his post.  Unfortunately, there are more bad deployments out there than folks are willing to admit.
    Assuming you are contemplating a Six Sigma deployment, I highly recommend “Understanding Six Sigma Deployment Failures” by Mark Carnell (available on the website).
    W. G. Miller

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    A1:  Better marketing.
    W. G. Miller

  • Now that you have had your fun dissing George Haley, you might want to explore why he thinks the way he does.  Could he be talking to people who have had to work under poorly executed Six Sigma programs?  Sadly, such failed programs exist – I was in a company with one, and it left such a bad impression that only years later am I willing to say S…[Read more]

  • If you look at the Six Sigma poll on this website (, you’ll find that the “Six Sigma is hype” votes are 1% behind the “Six Sigma is truth” votes (37.8% for “hype” and 38.8% for “truth”.  The rest of the votors picked “undecided”.
    My guess on the low “truth” percentage:  A lot of folks were subjected to badly i…[Read more]

  • You can use survey results to see if your suspicions about being underpaid are reasonable, but keep that information to yourself.  If you think you will get a larger salary increase by waving survey results in your management’s face, think again.  The more likely result is that you will be tagged a “whiner”.
    If you feel you are being s…[Read more]

  • Take a look at the article “Understanding Six Sigma Deployment Failures” by Mike Carnell and available on the Isixsigma website.  Then analyze your organization to see how likely they are to make the same mistakes.
    W. G. Miller

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    I agree with Brandon and Chad:  with the possible exception of a Six Sigma consulting company, any outfit that uses Abasu’s goals doesn’t know what business it’s in.
    Chad brushed on another point that I would like to make more explicitly:  Abasu’s goals were an attempt to impose Six Sigma by direct order rather than selling its value to empl…[Read more]

  • w. g. miller replied to the topic Leadership in the forum General 14 years, 7 months ago

    Discussion time:
    What has the experience of the last 5 years shown us about Abasu’s recommendations?
    W. G. Miller

  • Seriously, the problem that I have seen with your scenario is that sonner or later (usually sooner), some of the people doing the work figure out how to game (manipulate) your measurements to their advantage.  Those people then get rewarded for looking good.  The rest of the people quickly catch on, and learn to game your measurements.  The resu…[Read more]

  • HF et al,
    The middle managers did start skeptical of the Six Sigma program.  Unfortunately, the observable performance of the Six Sigma group did little to win the middle managers over.  The Six Sigma group’s work definitely lacked the quality they expected us workers to maintain.  Nevertheless, the Six Sigma group was (and is) a senior manag…[Read more]

  • Brandon et al:
    You assert that because middle managers didn’t really accept a Six Sigma program they were somehow defective.  In this case, I will claim the opposite:  the Senior Managers were so emotionally attached to their pet Six Sigma program that they refused to see the program flaws, much less do something about them.  Add to that a corp…[Read more]

  • HF,Perhaps you are right – if the senior managers will only believe their Six Sigma deployment is a rousing success and will not believe and then punish anyone who says otherwise, then assessing deployment success is a waste of resources. Still,I think independently assessing Six Sigma deployment success should be done.W. G. Miller

  • Should you audit anything (not just a Six Sigma program), the first thing have to do is make sure you are getting honest data.  I worked at a company where the managers were required to publicly praise Six Sigma at every opportunity.  Privately, these same managers told me the Six Sigma program was an unwelcome distraction whose claims of “s…[Read more]

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