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William Englehaupt, a consulting executive noted for leading successful business process improvement and organizational change management engagements for Accenture, George Group, and BearingPoint, has managed sizeable teams chartered with significant operational improvements within state, NGO, and commercial organizations, including the United Nations, major public transit authorities, Chevron, Boeing, and government agencies, serving as a consulting leader to deliver critical Lean Six Sigma and business transformation initiatives. As a Senior Executive, Engagement Director, and Senior Manager – Business Transformation and Change, William’s expertise spans quality improvements of massive scale and multimillion-dollar cost savings achieved through changes to core operational practices.
With a reputation for strengthening client relationships through well-organized execution and delivery techniques, William has spearheaded business transformation projects that required an awareness of organizational culture and the ability to establish a collaborative atmosphere, leveraging his ability to collaborate with client executives and staff at all levels. Receiving commendation from the U.N. Department of Peacekeeping for leading 30 improvement projects and training personnel in certification-level Lean Six Sigma techniques, William effectively navigated the challenge of improving outdated processes, while coaching employees to reduce costs and boost operational efficiency.
Drawing on his background in Lean Six Sigma, quality practices, organizational change, benchmarking, and process improvement, William has also led organization-wide productivity improvements throughout Accenture engagements at the Department of Justice, City of New York, and other agencies. Working closely with military, government, and Coast Guard personnel on multimillion-dollar engagements through George Group, he became part of Accenture’s practice upon the company’s acquisition of George Group, which expanded the firm’s repertoire as a provider of Lead Six Sigma consulting. In these roles, he continued to bring in reliable, sustainable quality improvement methodologies that proved valuable to large client organizations—increasing Accenture’s distinction as a results-focused provider in business transformation.
William’s expertise in Lean Six Sigma consulting was honed during his career at BearingPoint (KPMG Consulting), where he led engagements centered on organizational change and productivity. Fending off competition in the organizational transformation consulting industry, he influenced the company’s success securing and delivering major projects, earning a promotion for his work at Bank of America, Halter Marin, Bax Global Air Express, Philip Morris, Ralston-Purina, and Coca-Cola, among other clients. In this role, he also delivered a significant supply chain risk assessment at Coca-Cola that affected bottling operations in the company’s global markets—leading the evaluation of more than 200 product-related risks and quality controls.
As a former Director for the Council of Continuous Improvement, William worked with a standards-based organization to maximize services to member organizations, concentrating in Washington, D.C., Chicago, and Dallas. His earlier career positions with Square D Company focused on Total Quality concepts, allowing him to take over all quality training for the company and leverage a background in instructional design while building the foundation of his later expertise in Lean Six Sigma.
William earned a Master of Arts from Michigan State University, a Certificate of Advanced Studies degree in Adult and Continuing Education from National Lewis University, and a Bachelor of Science in Management from Undergraduate University. He is credentialed as a Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Lean Master, and Accenture Quality Assurance Executive for audit engagement quality. He has also pursued completion of the executive program at the University of California.

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