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  • Usually a blackbelt need to be trained for three to four weeks. The typical training cost is USD30,000. The ROI vary very much. You need to finish a project and gain finiancial befints (some company say no less than $ 100,00 or $ 200,000) before you are certified.
    Computer programs like Minitab makes statistics easyier than before. But…[Read more]

  • For your information:
    AlliedSignal (Now Honeywell) put almost everything under Six Sigma (now Six Sigma Plus) which includes:
    Six Sigma,ABM, Lean manufacturing,Malcolm Baldrige,TPM etc. Besides Black Belt they have ABM master and lean master etc.

  • Hi, Mark:
    The Black Belt saving or ROI referred to opportunity savings only. That’s one reason why somepeople have different view of “Six Sigma”. You can see two articles from “Six Sigma: Fad or fundamental?” “Who Needs Six Sigma Anyway? (Past issue, May)
    Vinod Singhaland Kevin Hendricks conducted a study of the stock…[Read more]

  • I used to work for AlliedSignal and I’m a BlackBelt.Also I’m writing a MBA thesis for TQM. Actually Six Sigma is a part of TQM but sold by different name by different guru. There are three types of implementation strategy: Selective implementation,Engineering focus TQM and Organizational wide TQM. Since you are the head of quality group, I will…[Read more]