FRIDAY, MAY 25, 2018
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Methodology Balanced Scorecard

Balanced Scorecard

Bringing the Balanced Scorecard Back to Life

Behind every effective scorecard implementation, there is a commitment from leadership and there is buy-in from organizational business units and individuals. 

Develop Correct Six Sigma Project Metrics

One of the crucial elements of the project charter in the define phase of a Six Sigma project is the selection of project metrics. Proper project metrics should reflect more than just business and customer measurables.

Merging Six Sigma and the Balanced Scorecard

The challenges confronting healthcare are complex, but combining Six Sigma with the balanced scorecard may be the best way to reach and sustain a new level of organizational excellence.

Scorecard Can Balance Different Measures of Success

A company using Lean Six Sigma must, for optimal impact, balance both financial measures of success (voice of the business) and customer measures of success (voice of the customer). The balanced scorecard is a great tool for doing exactly that.

Scorecard: Linking Strategy to Performance Objectives

Utilizing a performance measurement system, such as a balanced scorecard, an organization can assess, monitor and course-correct performance, and align all employees with key objectives. Thus the company can implement its business strategy.

Seeing Red: Integrating Balanced Scorecard and Six Sigma

The balanced scorecard enables an organization to maintain the perspective of various stakeholders while providing a complete assessment of organizational progress. It can help improve the performance in one area without harming another.

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