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Business Innovation: Overcoming the ‘Dominant Logic’

A principal enemy of business innovation is the "dominant logic," or established beliefs, of a company. Dominant logic can stifle openness and receptivity to new ideas, practices and business models. Innovative organizations find ways to overcome it.

Eureka! Seeing a Forest of Innovations Because of TRIZ

What if the process of creative thinking could be reduced to a set of pre-determined rules or steps? This concept is the basis for the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving, or TRIZ – a methodology to teach people to solve problems of all types.

Leadership and Lean Six Sigma Opens Door to Innovation

Lean Six Sigma improves the quality of management, working processes and applies resources in a targeted way that can dramatically increase the productive and creative potential across a business population.

Leverage Innovation and Six Sigma to Grow Revenue

Through a case study from a city-based restaurant, practitioners can see the possibilities for turning around a business by using Prahalad and Krishnan’s two complementary innovation principles in combination with Lean Six Sigma.

Six Sigma and Business Innovation: Process or Passion?

Six Sigma and innovation are not mutually exclusive. From a practical business point of view, a company's current products or services must fully satisfy customers, so that it has the resources and goodwill needed for being a successful innovator.

Six Sigma and Innovation Need Not Be Exclusive

Six Sigma's systemic approach can be seen by some as a threat to creativity. TRIZ – the theory of inventive problem solving – is one technique for eliminating conflict between Six Sigma and innovation.

Six Sigma and Innovation: Natural Partners from the Start

Innovation has broad appeal. Businesses see it as a key to survival, and most individuals relish being creative. But how can innovation be harnessed? Coupling innovation with Six Sigma is the best way to get results and have fun along the way.

Six Sigma Leadership and Innovation Using TRIZ

Many current Six Sigma roadblocks can be eliminated with the use of TRIZ and I-TRIZ, the Russian acronym for the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving. Integrating TRIZ and Six Sigma can lead to greater efficiency, effectiveness, avoided expense and incrased RTY.

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