FRIDAY, MARCH 24, 2017
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Six Sigma Q&A

Learning the Six Sigma methodology can be confusing. Even if you know the Six Sigma methodology, questions arise from co-workers or in daily activities and answers may not be readily available. To help with this problem, iSixSigma has compiled a list of questions that have been posed on the discussion forum.

Below are the five basic questions: who, what, where, why and how. As new questions and answers are posted, we will append this list.

Six Sigma – What

Six Sigma – Where

Six Sigma – Why

Six Sigma – How

Six Sigma – Who

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Thanks, I didn’t have many questions, but this covered the ones I was a little confused about well.

Jennifer _ my six sigma trainer

That’s a very nice six sigma Q&A page. Bookmarked.

Vikram Singh

Very informative content. Most questions are covered and answers are brilliant! Thank you!


Keep improving.


Keep improving by Six Sigma.


Very much useful informative content….!!!


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