Six Sigma Q&A

Learning the Six Sigma methodology can be confusing. Even if you know the Six Sigma methodology, questions arise from co-workers or in daily activities and answers may not be readily available. To help with this problem, iSixSigma has compiled a list of questions that have been posed on the discussion forum.

Below are the five basic questions: who, what, where, why and how. As new questions and answers are posted, we will append this list.

Six Sigma – What

Six Sigma – Where

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Six Sigma – Why

Six Sigma – How

Six Sigma – Who

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    Thanks, I didn’t have many questions, but this covered the ones I was a little confused about well.

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    That’s a very nice six sigma Q&A page. Bookmarked.

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    Very informative content. Most questions are covered and answers are brilliant! Thank you!

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    Very much useful informative content….!!!

  5. Nizamuddin Siddiqui


    I have a question related to Individual control charts. When the data is not normally distributed, we apply transformations and the control limits from this transformed data is calculated and used for original data if I am not wrong. Can you please tell me the reason how we can use transformed data control limits on original data? Why these control limits are different from the original data control limits?

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    Very useful post. Truly, its great article. will look forward to read more articles.

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