The Lean Six Sigma All-Star Game

As you may know, if you’re a baseball fan, Major League Baseball is holding its All-Star Game on July 15 at Yankee Stadium.

You may also know that you can create your own “fantasy” baseball team, on-line,by selecting players and assigning them to your team. Then, as the statistics build up week after week, the organizers compile the results and figure out who has the best team roster and therefore the best record in stats and games won.

Now, I think we could have a kind of fantasy all-star game of our own, based on outstanding Lean and Six Sigma accomplishments. What do you think?


1 Pitcher: Taiichi Ohno

2 Catcher: Shigeo Shingo

3 First Base: Eiji Toyoda

4 Second Base: Sakichi Toyoda

5 Third Base: Kiichro Toyoda

6 Shortstop: Genichi Taguchi

7 Left Field: Bill Smith

8 Center Field: Jack Welch

9 Right Field: Bob Galvin

Designated Hitter: Henry Ford

Manager: W, Edwards Deming

I’d be interested in hearing whether you’d like any other “team members” to play on your all-star roster!

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  1. Laura

    Very cool!
    However I don’t see Joseph Juran in the list.

  2. Dave

    Yeah, where’s Dr. Juran??

  3. Paul Naysmith

    I guess that Donald Wheeler, Walter Shewart or Ronald Fisher would be keeping score.

  4. Sue Kozlowski

    Well, don’t forget that we’d also need umpires! Seems to me we’d put Dr. Juran behind the plate. Ronald Fisher, FRS (where would we be without the F-test?) would be a great addition at first or third. I regret that I’m not familiar with Donald Wheeler, can you tell us more about him?

    And, I’m guessing that William Sealy Gossett would have the beer concession, selling (what else) Guiness!

  5. tyro

    Donald Wheeler has authored very good books on SPC, Measurement Systems, Data Analysis, etc..

    Hey, don’t forget Kaoru Ishikawa.. :)

  6. Sue Kozlowski

    Thanks to all for your nominations! I’ve also had some colleagues tell me that I should have included Masaaki Imai as well (author of the book "Kaizen").

  7. EmZilla

    Perfect comparison

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