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A Lean Approach to Improving Service Call Center Performance

By using Lean tools, service call centers can transform themselves from a cost center into a profit center, as well as increase market share and enhance the customer experience in a competitive global economy.

A Six Sigma Case Study- Tutorial for IT Call Center – Part 2 of 6

This combination case study and tutorial illustrates Six Sigma use in an IT call center. It tracks a DMAIC project from inception through its five phases. Second in six-part series.

Calculating Call Center Interarrival and Service Times

Two Six Sigma professionals recently posed questions in the iSixSigma Discussion Forum relating to queuing theory in a call center. One reader wanted to know how to calculate average and standard deviation for service time and interarrival time – the…

Call Center Quality: Satisfaction Over Quantity

At many call centers, the measurement of quality is the number of calls handled per representative, per month. Feedback on individual performance is recorded and a score is computed from this data for use in evaluating each representative’s performance.

Call vs. Online Chat: Switching Volume from One Channel to Another

A iSixSigma Discussion Forum exchange involved the manager of a call center who was interested in eliminating her organization’s “online chat” channel of communication and have all contact flow through the phones instead.

Delight Customers: Reduce Defects in Service Delivery

A VOC survey revealed that a company's telephone operator response was poor and customer satisfaction was low. The resulting improvement efforts show how a service process can be turned around using Six Sigma.

Done in One: The Importance of First-call Resolution

One method of measurement can be a standard question that agents ask the customer at the close of a call: "Is there anything else I can do?" or "Is this what you wanted?"

Effectively Manage Data for Contact Centers

Using a telecom example, this article examines the role of data in contact centers for managing the customer experience.

Error-Proofing Strategies for Managing Call Center Fraud

To reduce the amount of both consumer and agent fraud at call centers, error-proofing strategies can help Black Belts prevent such losses from ever taking place.

Fixing Between-agent Variation Can Make All the Difference

Here is the good news: To help their call centers improve, managers need to solve just one problem – between-agent variation.

How Billing Delays Can Correlate with Call Volumes

By taking an unconventional approach to a call center problem, an organizational improvement specialist was able to find correlation between call volumes and bill mailings.

How Do You Improve Call Center Forecast Accuracy with Six Sigma?

In an exchange on the iSixSigma Discussion Forums, a representative from a telecommunications firm was interested in learning about what methods are best to improve forecast accuracy at the company’s call center. After some discussion about defining the goals of…

Improving Help Desk Functions by Using Lean Six Sigma

Value stream analysis can uncover activities that add waste to a typical help desk organization. Then that analysis can lead to the implementation of a Lean Six Sigma help desk design, along with the necessary tools to ensure success.

Integrate Values into Business Processes

By expanding the definition of business process effectiveness to include the expectation that the business process design reflects an organization’s values, the emergence of the new culture is supported.

Reducing Misdirected Calls in Automated Payment Systems

A DMAIC project at a telecommunications firm reveals the root causes behind the problem of having too many customer calls being misdirected from the automated payment system to call center agents

The Customer Talks Back: Musings on Call Center Efficiency

Speaking from a customer perspective, a Lean Six Sigma manufacturing expert provides reminders about what the critical-to-quality characteristics are for call centers.

The Final Tollgate: Age Verification Cycle Time

This project, completed by online betting organization Betfair, was a finalist in the Largest-breakthrough Improvement Projects for the 2010 iSixSigma Live! Awards.

The Futility of Call Center Coaching

Although it has become an industry standard, one-on-one coaching is less valuable than many believe. Through the use of mathematical modeling, it is possible to see that coaching, even in moderate turnover environments, is a fool’s errand.

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